Internship Experience @ Advocate Rupjyoti Bordoloi, Gauhati: High Court Visits, Learn the Basics of CPC, CrPC & IPC


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Chamber of Mr Rupjyoti Bordoloi, Advocate Gauhati High Court, Guwahati, Assam

Application Process with contact details

The Application for internship can be done by contacting the below mentioned number. It is specially preferred if you would go to the chamber yourself and talk about interning there as they might want to talk to you before taking as an intern.

You can ask the address through phone or mail. Also it is preferred if you do know the basics of CPC, CrPC, IPC.


Duration of Internship and timings

November 20, 2012 – December 20, 2012

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office room is in the house of the advocate himself. The office room is completely filled with book and cases.

As it was my first ever internship and I was just in my 1st semester it is a definite given that I was tremendously nervous to be in the presence of seniors of our profession.

There were around 6 to 7 advocates in the office with 5 of them being juniors. I was definitely nervous but it wasn’t to last long as the junior advocates there asked me questions, showed me what to do, explained me everything, answered my questions and corrected my mistakes patiently.

They were really really helpful and took me with them to Court on my first day itself and explained everything and trusted me with work even if I was like a newborn babe in the legal field.

In evening after Court when Sir came to the chamber I was introduced to him in a very casual manner.

The main impression that I got was that while everybody behaved in a casual and friendly manner but it was expected of you to be sincere and work hard and that they were always ready and happy to help and explain things

Main tasks

For me the tasks were a few as I was basically in first semester. But some of them were:

1. Court visits

2. Assisting in cases whenever required

3. Taking dictations

There were many other tasks that I was required to do but my main task involved accompanying one of the advocates to different courts and helping file affidavits, plaints, check for next dates in court diaries, finding files, interacting with clients, etc.

Work environment and people

I was extremely lucky that my first internship was at the Chambers of Rupjyoti. They are probably the best people to work for a student of first semester.

They never criticized my lack of knowledge, instead very patiently and eagerly taught me and answered my queries. I learned a lot from them. They are very helpful and casual and I felt really comfortable working with them.

These comfortness was mainly because of them. The people are really hardworking and sincere and they expect that of you too.

Also they are very understanding but also frim. I really learned a lot; it was mainly because I was entrusted with work and they made sure to explain and guide me throughout the internship.

Overall the work environment was fantastic and a the internship was a real learning experience.

Best things

The best things. Hmm. There are a lot . But the best things. Let’s start with the people.

They are really good hearted and genuinly helpful people who taught me a lot of things.

Also the court visits where I was explained how in court the proceedings and others happen.

So basically a crash course in the practical side of the matters. And not to forget the library housed at the chamber with the tonnes of books.

Bad things

To say the truth , there are not much bad things to say about the internship experience.

The only thing is that there needs to be expansion of the office chamber and perhaps a separate client room.



Biggest Lessons

I learned a lot during this internship. However the most important lesson I learned is to be sincere, work hard, be observant and most importantly to communicate and step forward.

One thing that I still remember being told to me is that to learn as much as I can either by reading books, cases or case files or by approaching any one of them to assist in any work for an advocate should never stop learning.


I am a localite here so I commuted from my home itself. There are many available PG’s and Hostels nearby at Uzanbazar, Chenikuthi, Nabagraha hill and Dighalipukhuri area.

Also if you despise hostel or PG food there are abundance of restaurants nearby where you can definitely tickle your taste buds without creating a hole in your pocket

Office Timings

Office timings are actually both relaxed and strict. You see there are basically two office timings and what work is done in those slots.

1. 9:30 – 4:30: Court work. In this slot both seniors and juniors go to court. Some stay behind for necessary work that may arise and work on other things. In this slot one can either accompany them to court or stay behind and do the necessary things. They will tell you what you are expected to do

2. 5:30 – to indefinite: This is the actual time when the arguments are drafted , plaints made and cases discussed.

Now it depends on you which slot you want to work, however if they require you to work in one timing you are expected to be present and work on that time.

Punctuality must be maintained and excuses are really frowned upon. If you are unable you should simply inform beforehand.

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