Internship Experience with Advocate Randhir Singh Duhan, Noida: Insights Into Civil and Criminal Litigation


Name of the Intern, Year of Study, College 


Name of the Organisation and Its Full Address

Adv. Randhir Singh Duhan, C-190, Sector 44, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

E-Mail ID:

Duration of Internship

May 2021 – June 2021

How to Reach and Connectivity

The nearest metro station is Botanical Garden serving as the changing spot for the people from neighbouring states and the location is hardly 5Km from the metro station. There is good availability of Battery Rickshaws and Autos with nominal charges.

Reasons to Join this Internship

  1. If one has to pursue litigation as career after the course then, this internship can be preferred for basic learning and understanding practical aspects of legal profession for practice.
  2. This office offers variety of books to read and study, one can find books of various subjects in the law course.
  3. If someone is keen to learn drafting and miscellaneous documentation work, here the intern shall get to know all this aspects.
  4. As, being into executive position i.e. PCS officer there is lot to learn in this internship about various cases and ground work and how does the state body’s machinery not working.
  5. Last but not the least is the stipend from the office to the interns which keeps the motivation on.

Summary of the Work Done and the Outcome

My internship was one month long and from the first date itself, I was tasked with drafting an Original Application to be filed in Central Administrative Tribunal and subsequently I worked upon numerous numbers of applications and petitions i.e. Claim Petitions, Writ Petitions, and notices to the various stakeholders such as Collector, Commissioner Etc.

The best part was that all the time Sir use to sit with and guide me with the drafts and he use to first make me type his version of the draft and let me do my additions and omissions in the separate file I use to create for myself and at last the draft use to finalized after the complete reading of it.

Sir is an Ex PCS officer and has vast experience as an administrator, so just to make clear he is very particular to deadlines and avoids wasting unnecessary time in preparation of any petition or application. There is also one thing he used to say that “don’t say that you’ll correct it or any kind of formatting shall be dealt with later on, it has to be done at the same time, so don’t let anything pending to be done later on”. One shall also experience client dealing i.e. Client Counseling who used to come often to get all the doubts and queries cleared off.

At, last I would like to mention that the interns are generally provided with lunch and he also takes classes to explain legal concepts and addresses all the queries pertaining to legal affairs and internship related work.

I at the end of my Assessment Internship left with a lot of learning in respect to drafting and understanding the importance of correct jurisdiction and interpretation of legal clauses. Thus internship here is a holistic experience as one shall get the opportunity to work in the field and in-office.  

Area of Practice and Cases on Which Office Works 

  1. Extensive Land Acquisition law matters (Highways, Railways, PPP Model etc.)
  2. Other Civil Law matters
  3. Criminal Law matters. 

Work Days and Hours

Monday to Saturday and approx. 6-7 Hrs (There is also time to leisure and study)

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