Internship Experience @ Advocate Rajnish Barya, Bhopal District Court : Learned thoroughly about court proceedings

Name of Intern and College

Chanchala Khopkar, New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune

Advocate name

Advocate Rajnish Barya, Bhopal District Court

18, Aradhna Nagar, Kotra Sultanabad, Bhopal (462003)

Area of Practice

Criminal and Civil both however he majorly deals in criminal and family matters.


I am a resident of Bhopal, so accommodation was not an issue for me but if you want to stay between court and Sir’ s office then Jawahar Chowk is the best place to stay P.G and hostel easily available at reasonable rates otherwise to stay near court MP Nagar is the best place.

Application Procedure

Application procedure is very easy one can go directly to his office and ask to join as intern, I did the same.

Duration of Internship and Office Timings

I did my internship for 2 months.
Office timings: 11 am-5 pm district court

Sir usually does not call interns to his office but my home was nearby and I insisted so he allowed me. The chamber timings are 8-10 pm which may extend to 11 pm.

First Day, First Impression

I went to Court at sharp 11 am but Sir didn’t come by then. There were co-interns as well, and it was their last week, so I chatted with them.

Around 11:15 Sir came, and we went to various courts. As district court of Bhopal is very huge one can easily be lost on the first day. On my first day, I observed cross examination in rape case, divorce etc.

I didn’t have much interaction with Sir on my first day as he was extremely busy.


The internship at Adv. Rajnish Barya is very tiring. First of from 11 am to 5 pm one has to continuously run from court to court and of course matching Sir’ s speed (he walks extremely fast).

In break time, one could hangout with co-interns or their associates. His associates are very helpful; one could clear their doubts as well from them. It is worth watching Sir doing cross examination and arguments; one can learn a lot. That’s how the day in court used to be like.

At Rajnish Sir’s office, the environment is completely different as the Sir is relaxed and in a jolly mood he speaks to the interns and clear their doubts if any. The office work starts by briefing the Sir about on going proceedings and cases, then the research work i.e. finding relevant cases, laws etc.

The clients also come in evening so one can learn about dealing with clients by observing sir. The drafting work also happens in office.

For learning purpose it is necessary that one must go to the office as the major work like the way case is made happens in office.
My overall experience was very good as he also assigned me a case so I had to deal with its research and everything. It was a great learning experience.

Work Environment

Friendly and Encouraging

Best Thing

The best thing was the Sir’ s library , it was very rich. The learning under Rajnish Sir’s guidance is worth experiencing.

Bad Things

There is nothing bad as such but the thing is one has to take an initiative to learn, Sir is so busy that he won’t pay attention. It is you who has to put in an effort by asking doubts, by asking work.



To Chill

To hangout or chill there are co-interns and associates who are fun to chill around with.


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