Internship Experience @ Advocate Kirit Panwala, Surat: Exposure to Criminal Law, Helpful Associates

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Anuja Shah, School of Law, AURO University, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Advocate Kirit Panwala, Surat.

Application Process with contact details

I applied through my CV. I was called to meet him personally after which the internship got finalized by his son, Mr. Rohan Panwala.

Duration of Internship and timings

11th July, 2015 to 11th August, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The corporate culture is altogether quite different from working in the trial court. Initially I was quite indifferent to working in trial.

However, my lawyer and mentor Mr. Rohan panwala was very humble and friendly.

He gave me a through plot of the proceedings, after which I was inquisitive to be cognizant of criminal cases.

Main tasks

He is one of the leading criminal lawyers for I got an opportunity to witness more cases.

He made me understand and keep note of a comprehensive and exhaustive procedural laws that are used for conducting a criminal trial in India (Crpc), including the manner for collection of evidence, examination of witnesses, interrogation of accused, arrests, safeguards and procedure to be adopted by Police and Courts, bail, process of criminal trial, method of conviction, and the rights of the accused for a fair trial.

The language used was Guajarati, initially I faced some problems. However, I got adapted to it. I also witnessed Narayana Sai’s Case which was a major controversy then.

Work environment and people

They were very cooperative and helpful.

Best things

I got to learn the basics as to,

1. Manner in which judge may take cognizance of an offence.

2. Right of accused for transfer of a case taken up by a judge on information or knowledge.

3. Complaints how to be dealt with

4. Oral examination of complainant and preliminary inquiry

5. Cross examination of witness

6. When process should issue against accused

7. Importance of examination of complainant before issue of process

8. Inquiry into nature of offence and other preliminaries in order to see whether Court has jurisdiction

Hence the considerable purpose of the internship was well contended.

Bad things



The stipend was not provided. The certificate of excellence was given at the end of internship.

Biggest Lessons

Inspite of being at a considerate level, he was down to earth and imparted as much knowledge as he could to make me understand the basics.

I was under a wrong impression of working in trials, being a tedious job. However, I shall never judge the book by its cover.

Witnessing criminal cases was an eye opener to me as it enlightened me about the heinous crime committed by offenders and the dim-lights struggle victims go through for ensuring justice.


The university was of a great help. They provided accommodation in the hostel itself.

Office Timings

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

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