Internship Experience @ Advocate Kaushik Nandy, Kolkata: Stipend of Rs 1500, Court hearings was a whole new experience completely

Your Name

Easha Manchanda

Name of Organisation

Advocate Kaushik Nandy, Kolkata

Application Process

I made use of contacts to get this internship.

Duration of internship

June 2, 2014 to June 21, 2014.

First impression

The lawyer worked under a senior advocate in his chambers in the evening and in the morning he used to take care of his work in the City Civil Court at Calcutta.

I used to intern under him at the Court in the mornings.

There were no such formalities as such.

I went to court with him on my first day and attended a case hearing that I knew nothing about! (Yes, precisely NOTHING).

The following days however were better.

The only formality was that I had to report in proper black and white formals along with a notepad and some basic stationery.

Main tasks

My main tasks was to prepare notes on all his cases in court and attend their respective hearings.

I also learnt the day to day basic formalities of court and even filed the hazira on several occasions.

I drafted a few contempt applications, plaints and written statements which were then filed in court.

I also met clients, the usual, not-so-wealthy (very confused and frustrated) clients who did not have the patience or the financial backing to go to a law firm for legal advice.

Most of the cases were very trivial matters and nothing very big or complicated.

The main focus was on getting the client relief and not on minting money.

Work environment

The work environment was of course very heated, never dull and one always had to be on one’s heels there.

Working in a civil court is no child’s play.

It requires immense patience and a lot of hard work.

Unlike the High Courts, there was no air conditioning here.

Also, there were all kinds of people, belonging to all walks of life.

The best part was to see all these diverse individuals from very different backgrounds appear in the court of law where all of them were treated as the same.

It was a spectacle in its own way.

Best things

The best part was the running around. Yes, the adrenaline rush that gives is amazing.

The sense of responsibility that you feel when you get to work in a court of law all by yourself is immensely satisfying.

The court hearings were a whole new experience completely.

And the court’s cafeteria’s “cha” is a perk in its own.

Bad things

The bad thing was that there were days when there was very little or no work to do.


Rs. 1500.

Biggest Lessons

I learnt about the basic functioning and formalities of court and also got to attend several hearings that got me a practical experience of the bookish knowledge of the law.

Any Other Thing

This is THE place for you to be at if you like street food.

Also, since the work timings are not too long, it will give you ample amount of time to explore the beautiful city of joy!

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