Internship Experience @ Chambers of Mr. Kabir Dixit, AOR, SC: Inclusive environment, motivating experience



Anjali Singh

College/ Year of Study

National Academy Of Legal Studies and Research, Hyderabad. IIIrd Year.


1 Month (3rd November, 2017- 4th December, 2017)

Office Address

C-41, Lower Ground, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi – 14.

How to Apply 

Having read Kabir Sir’s interview at Super Lawyer, I approached him on LinkedIn wherein he asked me to apply formally on his mail id- I got a response pretty soon.

Things to keep in Mind

Do not send an en masse application because it will reflect very easily and end up in rejection because Sir takes internships very seriously. Also, if you’re looking to just chill around, DON’T take up this internship, it’s certainly not made for you. Rest assured, you’ll have a great time.


10:30- 8/9:30 (Purely dependent on the workload). Weekends are working as well, depending on your interest again. I was always given the choice to not come.

First Day- formalities/impression etc

Since I joined on a Friday, Sir was at the Supreme Court and I had to wait until he came back i.e. 12-1 PM, so make sure that you call him a day before so that you’re aware of the plan. Sir made me extremely comfortable, showed around the office, allotted a seat etc.

He told me that the only thing he cared about is the quality of work and that I can work however I wish to. The working area for the interns is a common lobby wherein you’ll find clerks, other interns/juniors.

However the space is enough for you to work comfortably. I was extremely intimidated in the beginning since the work seemed very overwhelming. I was given a file to work on, the first day itself.

Lodging, Food etc

Since I didn’t have any relative staying close to the office, I chose to stay in a PG in Lajpat Nagar- IV, Near Central Market. I took a cab or rickshaw to commute. It took me roughly 15-20 minutes to reach the office.

Since my PG did not offer food facilities, I mostly ordered food online or ate out at some small shops in the market adjacent. Kabir Sir and the clerk were kind enough to offer me food many a times.

Main Tasks

You’ll be assigned work both by Kabir Sir and his junior, Mr. Waheb Hussaini. I was briefed about the case very well so as to not face any difficulties and was given specific details about how the particular task had to be done. Majority of my work pertained to Legal Research and Court Visits.

The best part of this internship was that I was actually attached to the cases I was working on, I was keen to dig deep to find answers to specific issues, I looked forward to the hearings in the Court. I approached Waheb Sir for the most stupid and preliminary questions but I was not reprimanded even once. He made sure that he was available for all my queries.

It was very rewarding that my research work was taken into account, was used for arguments etc. There was constructive criticism but none that was insulting, it only aspired me to work better and better. Both Kabir Sir and Waheb Sir, took my work very seriously which was rewarding to say the least. Also, they took the efforts to actually appreciate my work whenever it was worth it, which again boosted my confidence.

Make sure that you keep them updated about your work and hurdles that you’re facing. I was also given some clerical work like proof-reading, printing, some typing, few errands to the Court etc, which personally never felt like a load to me because like I said earlier, you tend to attach some value to the case you’re working on and you actually feel like doing the best towards it.

Work Experience

I loved the internship, every bit of it. Everyone was extremely cordial and respectful towards me, be it Kabir Sir, Waheb Sir or Shyam Ji (clerk). The clerk was in fact available for the little queries he had and he made sure he resolved them. He also volunteered to drop me home when it got quite late at night.

The environment was very inclusive and I never felt like an ordinary intern, I cherished the little responsibilities I was handed over, the conversations I had with the three of them, be it about law school, academics, litigation as a profession or some healthy conversations generally added to the experience.

I am not kidding when I say that I actually felt really sad to leave the office, to not return to the office, the next morning.I was intending to extend my internship but couldn’t due to some personal reasons.


I regret that I could not witness Sir argue at the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, however I did witness him argue at the District Courts. Also, couldn’t do much of drafting work since not much was available at that point of time.



Highly recommended if you’re looking for more than just a name tag. You’ll feel happy and motivated all throughout your internship and that’s not experience that everyone gains. If nothing, this internship will instill your interest in Litigation and expose you to the nitty-gritty of the profession.

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