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Internship Experience @ Advocate Harish Negi, Delhi: Work on Divorce Matters, Practical Exosure

By: The Admin | June 9, 2017

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Advocate Harish Negi, Delhi

Application Process with contact details

I went to sir, through personal contacts. Usually people who interned under him with me came through personal contacts as well.

Duration of Internship and timings

July-11th 2016- August 5th 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day, I had a casual introduction with sir and his associates, I was told about the kind of work he deals with, office timing etc.

Main tasks

Reading case files and accompanying sir at the hearings and doing petty works. 😛

Work environment and people

Work environment was chill, except for punctuality sir was lenient with all interns.

Best things

Attending court proceedings, getting an insight of litigation & practical knowledge of law.

Also I used to get regular advice for my career.

Bad things

Work used to get monotones at times. Most of the cases were pertaining to divorce and no other variety.

It leads to boredom sometimes as similar cases keep on popping. Also sir use to call me whenever he wants, it totally depends upon his mood.



Biggest Lessons

The lesson I got form this was how to got to the root of the case as going through the similar type of cases it became easier to understand the next case.

So the biggest lesson is go through a case, article, paragraph, etc. repeatedly till you become sure that you have nailed the root cause or motive.


I reside in Delhi so didn’t require any PG.

Office Timings

In which ever court the matter was listed all interns had to reach that court sharp at 10 AM.

We used to leave the court for office at 2 PM and the day used to get over by 6 PM.

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