Internship Experience @ Advocate D S Kholi, New Delhi: Treated me like an Associate

Intern Details

I am Shikhar Mehra a second year law student at Amity Law School Center -II, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, endeavoring to share my personal observations during a month long internship.

Internship Details

Internship under advocate D.S.Kholi will certainly bestow you with an opportunity to become a toast while enjoying the panache of aristocracy which is more than just traditional and arduous file reading work only.

I was the only intern for them this summer. I was required to report directly to the Tis Hazari chambers at 9 am and that’s when usually my day began.


ASSOCIATES – There were 7-8 associates working under the duo of Advocate DS Kholi and Advocate HS Kholi.

Daman Sir (that’s what I usually called him) handled all the criminal cases where H.S. Sir handled all the civil matters.

One peculiar attribute that I pointed out here is that it’s very difficult to individually gauge the Associates in terms of their support and guidance to interns. In one month duration whenever I rushed to any associate for any work or other guidance, found them to be invariably amiable and bonhomie while responding to interns.

This was a problem that even Daman sir saw, hence a solution came and that’s when I found myself under the mentor-ship of advocate Ashneet Singh Anand. He never treated me like an intern he treated like one of those associates who knew almost anything and everything.

Court Visits

Regarding court visits all the interns and and associates reach the chamber located across Tis Hazari court by 9:30 am. Here’s how Daman sir kick off his day and then Ashneet Sir and myself used to join sir walking down the corridors of Tis Hazari while one has to weave their way to court rooms.

Lunch, Brunch and Fun

With wide open mouth of coffee machine always ready to kill your hunger pangs without haggling and consumption riders.

Lunch usually took place in the office which is located in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

Daman sir and H S Sir got there own “lunch boxes” form home and an additional daal or chicken curry was ordered from the restaurant located near to the office.

All the associates used to sit together and have as one big family.

First and Last Day Differential

First day I entered the office with preconceived notion about the advocates to be peckish, dominating, high handedness, snobbish, workaholic but what I gained in a month has changed my perception about advocates life from being their night sky somber and starless to a new dimension of urbanity, discipline, sober demeanour, generosity and altruism as characteristics that is evidently visible while working with Advocate Daman Singh Kholi.

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