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Internship Experience @ Advocate B Muralidharan, Coimbatore: Gained Knowledge About Drafting and Pleading

Advocate B Muralidharan Internship Coimbatore
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LSAT - Discover Law

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Nithya, Government Law College, Coimbatore

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Advocate B Muralidharan, District Court, Coimbatore. 8 & 9 Parsan Trade Plazza, Dr. Nanjappa Road, Coimbatore 18.

There are nearly 10 junior Advocates in the firm and I am the only one junior law student.

Application Process with contact details

No application process required.

Duration of Internship and timings

6th July, 2015 – 20th October, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I’m a lucky intern because¬†my first day in court was under the guidance of the senior most Advocate in my office. He is very intelligent and has nearly 20 years of experience in this field.

Although he is very much experienced he taught me everything about the court procedures in very simple terms,which is the great thing to share here.

Usually senior Advocates will not possess such golden quality of patience while training their juniors especially in their first day. There are not much formalities required for joining as an intern in our office.

Main tasks

After joining my very new office I was asked to follow civil side for the first few weeks.

There I got wide knowledge about court calling work procedures, role of an Advocate inside the court, procedures followed in clerical works, filing of suits, settlement and arbitration proceedings, etc.

These watching of court procedures taught me very minute methods followed in courts. It acted as a next step to achieve my career goals.

Then from the second month of joining I was allowed to follow another Advocate who is very well versed in criminal and family division cases in our office.

Here I gained some useful life tip for surviving law field. After joining criminal side I was allowed to file various petitions, memos, affidavits inside the court.

I also gained knowledge about drafting and pleading, I learned how to maintain and manage a professional legal dairy, I was taught how to interact with clients, how to face different moods of clients in a skillful and a pleasant manner, how to develop a friendly relationship with clients, in short I was trained to built and manage client interaction process.

The most important thing is I was to able to watch arguments and examinations made by many senior Advocates, it made to realize that ability of an advocate lies in cross examination.

It made me to feel that it is a powerful tool, but a very dangerous engine. It requires great practice and natural tact to extract the truth.

That these court practicing made me to understand that “A skillful cross examination is the highest attainment of an advocates art.”

Work environment and people

As mentioned above, my senior is an efficient and experienced person. In spite of his efficiency he also possesses simplicity. He treats all of us as his family members and he hadn’t hesitated to teach & train us.

He treats everybody as a budding Advocate and helps them in every possible way. During my civil side practice I followed a lady Advocate, as all of us knew the mind voice and mentality of a girl can be easily understood by a girl.

She helped me in the very initial stage and so it is a big thing in my life. Apart from this while my practice in criminal and family division I followed an Advocate who helped me not only to withstand in this field but also to overcome various hindrances in my law school.

He assisted me in understanding what law books are trying to preach every law student. In short my office is the second home to me.

Best things

The best thing in my office is, there are lots of junior Advocates. There is a greater degree of interaction between us, such interaction helps us to gain more information about various changes in law field.

They didn’t treat me as a law student but as a budding lawyer.¬†They trusted me, as trust is the most significant source to built a great relationship our bond strengthens.¬†They increased my self confidence by trusting me.

They developed in me almost all skills necessary to be an Advocate. There are many best things apart from this in my office but I thought sharing the most important would be great.

Bad things



I was a part time intern and I joined the office purely for sake of gaining knowledge.

No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

“Knowledge is the greatest treasure.”¬†Knowledge gained in my office is the best part.

“Practice plays a major role”- the practice in my office acts as a stimulation for me to pursue my goal.

“Priority prefers perfection.”¬†Opportunity knocks the door of the persons who is perfect in their side,who is ready to do anything,who had knowledge of each and every little things.

The above lessons teach me that prior understanding and training is a significant factor in this field and it stimulates me to apply for other internship programmes too.

Any Other Thing



No. I was a part time intern and after my sessions in the firm I wanted to attend my regular classes in law school, so there is no need for accommodation in my office.

I stayed in my home during this internship program.

Office Timings

From 10.00 AM – 12.30 PM

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  1. Mr.BM is a good Advocate. Have seen him work and argue. Good to see a review here.

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