Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Ashok Aggarwala, New Delhi: Make an impact to the downtrodden sections of the society


Nidhi Chitkara


Advocate Ashok Aggarwal, New Delhi

Team strength- Mr Ashok Aggarwal, and an associate.

Application Process

Send your CV at [email protected] about 2 weeks prior to when you wish to intern.


June 8- June 29, 2014.

First Day

On the first day of the three week internship programme, I was asked to come to Ashok Sir’s Delhi High Court chambers; where the customary introductions were made.

After this, Sir asked me and the other interns to report the next morning at his Tis Hazari Chambers. Both the high court and the Tis hazari chambers are well equipped.

Main Tasks

Since I interned in the month of June and the courts were closed, my main tasks primarily revolved around visiting various areas of Delhi populated by the downtrodden, and making a list of their grievances and identifying ways in which the judicial process could be used to rehabilitate them.

It included a visit to a Burmese refugee colony to familiarize ourselves with the kind of problems the Burmese refugees face as they struggle to go through their day to day lives and identify the areas where the law could be used to provide relied to the refugees.

Other visits included visits to government schools and hospitals.


The work environment is warm and relaxed, and Ashok sir tries to include the interns in most of his meetings and visits.

Best Things

If you want to work at the grassroot level and to make an impact to the downtrodden sections of the society, this internship can prove to be very helpful.

Bad Things

Since I interned in June and the courts were closed, I could not observe any court proceedings.



Biggest Lessons

There are more social issues than we can hope to imagine, and the least we can do is use our legal knowledge to help those in need.


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