Internship Experience @ Advocate Ashish Bargale, Bhopal: Sir teaches and discuss cases in detail with all interns

Your Name

Ikshu Banthiya

Name of Organisation

Advocate Ashish Bargale, Bhopal.

Application Process

I got it through a contact.

Duration of internship

I have worked in a District Court from February 26, 2015-March 26, 2015.

First impression

Having interned under Delhi’s lawyers, MP’s and organizations before, I wanted to see what a small district practice looks like.

I reached in the office around 9:45.

I was asked to sit and wait for the lawyer by the clerk.

I was then served water and tea to make up for the waiting period.

Sir came to the office around 10:15 and introduced me his practice.

After all this we left for Vidisha as sir had a case to attend in District Court of Vidisha.

It was a great experience I had on my first day.

Main tasks

Main tasks included office work related to documentation, drafting apart from researching on legal points.

Legal research include an extensive research on the case pertaining to several aspects of civil, criminal, corporate & consumer law, dishonor of cheque, corporate drafting.

Checking case statuses, filing cases, witnessing proceedings, and reading case files.

Work environment

Sir had one clerk and one more junior working for him.

People were all very nice and even Sir was very helpful and willing to help whenever in need.

Overall the environment is very positive.

Best things

Learning under sir was a great privilege as he is a very experienced person and a kind hearted man.

He was very willing to teach and discuss cases in detail with all interns.

He thinks that books are important but practicality it is much more important when it comes to litigation, this also brought us many opportunities to visit different courts of different cities.

Bad things

The internship lasted for 30 days only.



Biggest Lessons

Litigation is tough but if you do it calmly and in a planned manner you can achieve anything.

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