Internship Experience @ Advocate Anand Kumar Mishra, Delhi: Stipend of Rs. 5000, From a Nervous Begginning to a Highly Enriching Experience


Subhankar Das, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack, BBA LLB Third Year.



ADDRESS: Anand’s Law Office, 6/3, Kalkaji Extension, Opposite Nehru Place, New Delhi: 110019


I knew one of sir’s juniors, who is from my city Bhubaneswar. I mailed him my  CV four weeks before the time period and got the internship confirmed.


In my first 2 years i.e. four semesters, I had interned at Odisha Human Rights Commission, in Orissa High Court, district court and also in a PSU namely Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited.

Those internships were more about observation and patience than actual work.

Besides that I wanted to learn the practical aspects of litigation and wanted to do some substantial work, and no place rather than New Delhi i.e. the capital and legal hub of India would have provided me with the kind of exposure which I needed that could be helpful in the future.


I stayed in a PG opposite of Maharani Bagh, i.e. in Bhagwan Nagar which was 15 mins away from Delhi High Court where I usually went and Kalkaji where my sir’s office was.

The PG was good, I stayed there with two of my seniors in college with a family who provided us with breakfast and dinner, along with WI-FI till 12am in the night (so as to prevent misuse during night time of the wi-fi).

They were also very cordial with me and my seniors.

I usually commuted to my place of internship by bus as I had a plenty of buses even if there was no metro station nearby.

I used to have lunch in the Delhi High Court itself along with people from my college and from other colleges. When there were no cases in the court, Sir used to order lunch from a nearby hotel which was very reasonable.


Now comes the important part. I interned in Sir’s office from 17th November 2015- 15th December 2015.

Sir’s office is there in Kalkaji Opposite to Nehru Place. He has two juniors working under him, one intern who had just graduated from DU and a clerk.

When I first went there, Anand Sir, called me to his room and talked to me in a strict manner. He meant business.

From first day itself he told me that he wanted a certain degree of sincerity during the course of the internship.

He said “if you are coming here just to pass your time, you won’t be getting the certificate,” In simple words he wanted me to work with utmost sincerity.

To be honest I was a little nervous. I even thought for a moment whether I had chosen the right place to intern or not. However, I decided to keep all my inhibitions aside and do my work sincerely.


Generally I went to the Delhi High Court and at times to Saket District Court and Patiala House Court and stayed there from 10-4:30 in the day time depending upon the work.

I generally used to stay in the office till 9 PM in the evening. There were days even on which I stayed till 9:30 or 10:00 PM!.

My initial work consisted of researching on case laws, finding out judgments, preparing case briefs and briefing them to sir.

As my Sir was into general litigation, I used to research on constitutional laws, consumer matters, tender allocations and government contracts, criminal laws and defamation, Negotiable Instruments Act and even on personal laws.

The first substantial work Sir gave me was to draft a legal notice on behalf of our client. I was happy in the confidence Sir had bestowed on me and I wanted to do it well. But as they, life is not a bed of roses!

My first attempt at drafting in internship was a bumpy ride. There were lot of mistakes for which I was scolded.

However, I learnt from my mistakes and I prepared a decent draft which was liked by Sir. I also drafted 2 more legal notices, one reply, 2 affidavits to go along with the regular research work and attending court proceedings.

I even drafted a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Agreement on behalf of two parties who wanted to do  business together.

Many a time’s my Sir’s juniors and the other intern who was there along with me came to my rescue and helped me a lot.

They gave me valuable advice regarding court room procedures and kind of cases and clients we deal with.

In fact, Sir’s clerk was the one who had all practical knowledge of court room procedures and filing of matters in various courts. Though he had no law degree, yet his knowledge of the court procedures was very profound.


Though Anand Sir was particularly strict, yet he is a man with a big heart. There were many times all of us used to go out to various restaurants in and around our office and had lunch there.

There were times when he used to order food for all of us in the Delhi High Court cafeteria.

During my internship, I realized that the profession we are in, it is necessary to maintain a degree of seriousness to get the work done, otherwise Sir is really a good person even if he may converse in a strict manner.

We even once went out for a movie, at Inox Nehru Place. There were times when we ordered food in the office and had good healthy conversations about life at large.

My co-intern in particular guided me like an elder brother. We developed a great friendship during the course of the internship.

We used to hang out a lot together and had some mouthwatering delicacies in and around Nehru place.

Besides that hearing senior counsels like Mr. Chidambaram, Mr. Prashant Bhushan, Mr. Kapil Sibal and Mr. Ajit Chandiok etc was a great learning experience.


Under the head of “office timings and work assigned”, I had mentioned about the fact that I had drafted an MOU agreement. Now comes the story behind it. I had 2 days left in my internship. Sir came up to me and told me that I want you to draft the agreement on behalf of both our clients.

So you are to discuss with them all the points they want in the memorandum and try to be cordial with them. I remember the assignment was given to me on 14th December that was a Monday and I was leaving on the 16th i.e. effectively on 15th December my internship was ending.

On Monday both of them came with a printout of the provisions and we had a small discussion about the agreement between them.

I was informed that both the clients wanted the work to be done as soon as possible so as to get it approved from other business partners of theirs.

I was handed over a draft of the points they wanted and in a particular format I was drafting the provisions. However, there were certain provisions which were ambiguous.

I called one of the clients and did not get a good response. So I mailed them the queries regarding what they wanted in the MOU.

However, I received no reply from them. I stayed awake the whole Monday night and drafted remaining points which I had fairly understood. On Tuesday, morning I called one of the parties and thankfully he responded.

He told me that he and the other person would come to the chamber at 12:30 pm and discuss the points with me personally. However, they came at 2:30 pm. I was taken aback a little by this, but then I realized that clients could not be questioned about their punctuality.

I had 2 hour long discussion with the clients and with whatever limited knowledge I had about joint venture agreements I advised them.

On one of the points there was a deadlock as in one of the parties wanted it and the other did not. So I advised them to alter that point slightly so as to benefit both. I finally drafted the MOU and handed it over to Sir.


On the same evening was given a letter of recommendation, a stipend worth Rs. 5,000 which I had least expected, and a token of appreciation from Sir, when he said that he was very happy with my sincerity.

This made me really happy. Sir’s juniors, my co-intern and his clerk also said that they were happy that I worked with them with honesty and was cordial to them.

I was simply overwhelmed by all their affection. I finally left the office, leaving behind 4 weeks of bitter-sweet memories and an experience which is very essential and helpful for any future lawyer or legal professional.

My case was truly a case of an internship that started with a nervous beginning but turned out to be a highly enriching experience at the end.

Even today I am in touch with Sir’s juniors who often request me to do some research and mail them on issues of law such is the bond we now share.

I do not how my future is going to shape-up, but this internship surely will serve as a great learning curve for my future endeavors.

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