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  1. SKR & Associates, a law firm based in Kolkata is looking for Fresher/Experienced Law Graduates/Advocates for the position of a Legal Associate for their Litigation Wing.

    Interested candidates should email their detailed curriculum vitae to

  2. Call for the Chapters in Edited Book
    Dear Sir/Madam
    We are pleased to inform you that we will be going to publish an edited Book with International Standard Book Number (ISBN), on the topic of “Rural Development : Concepts , philosophy & Approaches .” Articles must be no more than 6000 words, including endnotes and references. Longer articles will not be processed.

    Contributions should be sent preferably by email. Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of a maximum of 200-250 words along-with 3-5 keywords. Graphs and charts need to be prepared in MS Office (Word/Excel) and are preferable to material prepared in jpeg formats.

    Receipt of Abstracts/articles will be acknowledged by email within 3-4 weeks. Papers are invited from Academicians, Practitioners, and Research Scholars to submit their original research paper on the particular sub-theme or any topic related to the theme of Book. The last date of submission is 30th December 2016. The soft copy of the article will be mailed to:

    (Vikram Singh and Sangya Tripathi; Assistant Professor; Department of Social Work, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Koni Bilaspur (C.G.)

    We also look forward for contributions from the social sector. Kindly circulate the information among your colleagues and friends for wide and good quality Papers. For Query, Contact on: +91-8962231719, +91-8962857342

    I. Styles and Formats
    1. Page setup:
    • 1 inch (equal to 2.54 cms) margin on all sides
    • Gutter: .5 inch (equal to 1.27 cm) on left for documents that are to be bound on the left
    • Page size A4 (please be careful in this as default for most installations of Word is Letter size, which is not used in India)
    2. Font:
    • Any non-ornamental font such as Times New Roman.
    • Size: Heading 14 points Sub-headings 13 points and content 12 Points

    3. Paragraphs formatting:
    • Alignment: Justified
    • Left and Right Indent: 0
    • Special: None
    • Spacing Before and After Paragraph: 6 points
    • Line Spacing: 1.5 lines.

    4. Footnotes, References, Bibliography and Citations

    APA 6th Edition style you have to adopt, please maintain complete uniformity throughout the paper. Avoid giving foot-note, instead of that give end-note. In case of doubt, contact us. Whatever is not your own writing MUST be properly cited and referenced.

    Theme: Rural Development: Concepts, philosophy & approaches.”

    1. Historical background of rural development in India.
    2. Programmes and Policies for Rural Development in India
    3. Science &Technology Services in Rural Development.
    4. Promotion of rural development through Institutional Affiliations.
    5. Rural Development and Inclusive Growth
    6. Challenges of Rural Development
    7. Rural Development for providing Sustainable Livelihood.
    8. Approaches to Rural Development in India.
    9. Political Economy of Rural Development
    10. Theories and Practices of Rural Development.
    11. Gandhian Approach to Rural Development
    12. Sector Planning and Rural Development
    13. Any other related topic to the main theme in Indian/Global context.

    **Note: All contributors are requested to mention main theme of the book while sending their abstract/papers.

  3. I am looking for female law students or attorneys who wish to do some work on US cases. I want to outsource some of my work so that I can get a law firm going in India one day.
    Contact me with your resume;

  4. We are developing a game-changing online platform that will streamline, make simple and more cost-effective than the traditional legal services industry.

    We are looking for interns from top law colleges who can draft a variety of legal agreements and map out some legal processes in return for an attractive stipend and flexible working hours as well as no requirement to come into the office.

    Contact me at with your resume.

  5. Our Law Firm, JVA GLOBAL ASSOCIATES, require Juniors at Bangalore with Two Wheelers. Cont:
    Mrs. Rans,
    Advocate, Professor of Law & Christian Marriage Registrar.

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    YLC is proud to announce the U-Trial-2013, India’s first Competition exclusively for Law Students. U-Trial aims at promoting new ideas and thoughts from the future pillars of our Judicial System.

    We encourage huge participation in this contest and solicit your participation to make this event a grand success.

    Please Click on this Link:

    Participation Rules:
    Registration: No Prior Registration is Required
    Team Size: Not more than 2 Members in a Team
    1- Participant should be less than 29 years of age on 12th December 2012

    2- Participant should be Student of any Law School OR Participant should have passed from Law School not before 3 years

    1- The deadline for submission of the Write Up is March 17th, 2013 before 1800 Hrs IST

    2- Any entry made after the stipulated time would not be accepted

    3- Send the submission at

    Topics & Rules:
    1- Creative Freedom vs Religious Sentiments

    2- Misuse of Domestic Violence Act

    3- Is Capital Punishment Justified in Heinous Crimes Involving Women

    1- The Write up should not be more than 500 words excluding the candidates detail
    2- The Write up has to be in Word Document
    3- Font: Times New Roman, Size: 11, Line Spacing: 1.15
    4- The File Name has to be ‘Team Name_YLC_Name of College’ for eg ‘Indian Lawyers_YLC_CLC’
    5- Last page should have following details of the candidates (Compulsary)
    i. Name of the Participant
    ii. Date of Birth in dd/mm/yyyy format
    iii. College of Participant
    iv. City Currently Residing at
    v. Email id
    vi. Contact Number
    1- 1st Prize: Apple-ipad Mini for each Team Member
    2- 2nd Prize: Blackberry Curve 9350 for each Team Member
    3- 25 Early Bird Prizes (First 25 Entries)
    At YLC, we are always in look out for Young and Dynamic Professionals who are ready to challenge the conventions and boundaries
    1- We will Shortlist Top 10 Teams and their participants for next Round of Interview and based on their performance, we will offer them a Job/Paid Internship at our organization

    2- The Location of the Job would be Delhi/NCR

    3- Salary Package would be at Par with the Best in Industry

    We would request you to:
    Like us on Facebook
    Follow us on Twitter #YLC_Tweets
    And most importantly, DO spread the word about U-Trial!
    Please go through the enclosed presentation for more details!
    Abhishek Kumar
    RRS Consults Private Limited
    + 91 9582993231

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