Internship @ Advani & Co, Mumbai: ADR Law Firm, Special attention give to all interns

advani and co. internship

Submitted by Veena Goswami of Bangalore Institute Of Legal Studies Bangalore

After studying Alternative Dispute Resolution in the 8th semester of B.A.LLB, I was convinced that this is what I want to pursue after completing my final year.

My primary focus was on working in a firm which would not only give me the knowledge but also give me the exposure to pursue a career in arbitration.

Specializations of the firm

The firm has its head office in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

It specialises in Arbitration and Mediation, General Corporate Advisory, Banking and Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Commercial and Corporate Litigation, Real Estate and Infrastructure, Shipping and Maritime, Media and Entertainment, IT and Outsourcing, Trusts and Societies, Employment and Service Laws. 

Team Strength

The office is headed by Hiroo Advani. It consists of 4 partners and 7 associates.

There is a receptionist, workers for photo copying and taking out print outs, separate staff for making and serving tea/coffee.

Application for internship

Three months prior to my internship, I started calling up the office and followed their instructions. 


My PG was situated near Metro Cinemas, Barrack Road, Mumbai, which is just a kilometre away from the office which is located at Jamshedji Tata Road; so it was very convenient for me to commute. 

Duration of the internship and office timings

The duration of my Advani and Co. internship was from 1st to 31st July. Office timing was from 10 am to 7 pm. The office was very strict regarding timings; so I made sure that I reached office sharp at 10 am.

All the interns were allowed to leave the office by 7, but I used to stay late whenever required.

First day experience

My first day at Advani & Co. was filled with nervousness and enthusiasm. I reached office by 9.45 a.m. The receptionist introduced me to my co-intern who was also joining that day. We both were asked to sit in the conference room. We were given notebooks and laptops.

There were totally 5 interns in the office including the 2 of us. Around 11.30 am, the receptionist took us to the cabin of all the partners and associates and we were introduced to them.

The best part about the office which I really liked was that the very first day, during the introduction, we were asked about our college, our previous internships and the kind of work we have done earlier.

This really motivated me to work hard as they were giving special attention to each one of us and they expected quality work. Work was assigned immediately after the introduction. We were allotted seats.

Lunch time was from 1 pm and all the interns used to go to the nearby restaurants. The office was located at a prime location and there were many food joints.

We reached office by 2 pm and then started work immediately. By 5 pm, we were served tea/coffee along with snacks. By 7 pm, we were allowed to leave.

Best experience

The best part about the firm was that interns were given proper tasks and perfection was expected. At the same time, everyone was very friendly and cooperative and they were willing to help.

The approachable nature of the people really made the office atmosphere very cordial. All the interns at Advani and Co. were allotted work and were given a specified time within which the work had to be submitted.

This really helped as there were different types of tasks.

Main task

During the course of my internship, I worked on Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, Arbitration Act 1940, International Arbitration Rules, Indian Contract Act 1872 and Companies Act 1956 and 2013.

I also prepared arguments, conducted research and assisted in drafting notes for cases and. For the first time, I learned to use search engines such as Westlaw. 

Work environment

The work environment at Advani and Co. was very hospitable. Willingness to teach and learn at the same time made the internship period very exhilarating and uplifting.

Although there were more than 2 interns, special attention was given to all. Work was assigned on an individual basis. This not only helped in learning but also helped in improving our communication skills and boosting up our confidence.

Even while working in a team, work was divided in such a manner that no one’s effort went unnoticed. The firm believed in quality. Appreciation and criticism were part of the work culture.

 Best moments

Aradhana Prabhankar and Karam Advani, the two partners of the firm, are the most humble people with a benevolent attitude. They have not only been my bosses but also my mentors. They have guided me throughout the period of my internship.

Life at Advani & Co. has changed me; I am a much more self-motivated person.

The co interns are my friends and we are in contact though we are not from the same city. My entire sojourn at Mumbai has been a grand success as I received a direction in life and have also grown as an individual.

The Advani and Co. website is here.

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