Internship Experience @ Sr Adv. Mr. Raj Birbal & Ms. Raavi Birbal, Delhi: Real world feel of hardcore Litigation

Name, College, Year 

Prakhar Anand Thukral, Amity Law School, Amity University, Noida 4th year.

Name of Organisation, Location city

Office of Mr. Raj Birbal, Senior Advocate and Ms. Raavi Birbal, Advocate

A-11, South extension Part-II, New Delhi -110049

313  Lawyers Chamber, High Court of Delhi, New Delhi-110003

Application Process with contact details

You have to send your internship application, along with your CV at [email protected] In my case, I got a phone call from the office the next day confirming my internship.

Duration of internship and timings

December 12, 2017 – January 12, 2018.

Timings:  Adjustable timings for interns.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On first day, I was called in the evening as there are court proceedings in the morning. I was made to fill a form about the personal details & was introduced to associates as well as Raavi mam & Raj Sir. They were very warm & forthcoming. I was advised to be present at Delhi High Court the next day.

The Infrastructure is top notch, wooden offices with large glass area gives you an airy feel. Accompanied by a rich library, where one can get a wide range of books.

Main Tasks

Main tasks included research on various aspects of  labour, service, constitutional, commercial, company, contractual, civil, competition, taxation, Intellectual Property law, etc. . They have a host of corporate clients & even interns are encouraged to sit in client conferences.  Apart from research on judgments, court cases notes etc  I also assisted them for their opinions, newspaper, magazine and other publications.

Work is dynamic. Their super specialization is labour, service, constitutional, commercial, contractual, company and civil laws. The work also includes various facets of property laws, competition, tax, criminal,  Intellectual Property, etc. Work done by interns is to be submitted via e-mails to Raavi mam.  

Work environment and people

The work environment is great. One can directly approach Raavi Mam as well as Raj sir, wherein they will give you research work. For the aspiring interns/ law students, who think that they will not get to interact with Seniors, on the contrary You will get enough interaction & sometimes interaction may lead to discussion i.e. beneficial for interns.

The associates are always ready and willing to help interns in their work. They also sometimes have fun with interns and tend to make the atmosphere light, yet healthy.

Best things

Apart from the positives that have been discussed so far, associates are willing to help, court proceedings which give you a real world feel of hardcore Litigation. Also Tea/Coffee is served in the evening which is an added benefit.

Bad things

There are no bad things as such. I just felt the major part of the duration in which I interned the Courts observed vacations. Thus, I feel I didn’t get enough work to research upon.

Biggest Lessons

Showing that you are passionate about the work will make a lasting impression that could benefit you in the future, when it comes to asking for a reference.

Internships can be a lot of fun, so relax, get to know the new people around you and enjoy yourself!


I live in Faridabad, which is a part of NCR, so commuting via metro was the most convenient for me. It generally took me 45 minutes to reach office.

The office is in close proximity from Moolchand as well as AIIMS metro station. Nearest landmark in Marks and Spencer, South Extension , Part –II.




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