Internship Experience @ Advocate Pushpraj Singh, District Court Satna, Madhya Pradesh: A Very Useful Learning Experience



Duration of Internship

14th May, 2015 to 13th July, 2015

Application for Internship

There is no hard and fast rule for making an application for the same you just need to contact him directly either by way to call him or by meeting him.

Internship Details

Name- Pushpraj Singh (Advocate)

Address- Dhawari, Satna (M.P.)


The timing in which I worked there was from 11 am to 3 pm. for continuous four (4) weeks excluding Saturday and Sunday.


My home town is in Satna so I didn’t go through any PG or hostel but there are many hostels and PG’s which are located nearby to the court.

Work Environment

I think I don’t need to describe the environment of district court but as I expected it was totally different from my expectations.

When I was on the way to court I was visualizing about the court as I seen in TV serials and movies, but as I reached there all my visualizations totally shattered down as I never expected this.

But as I didn’t have any other option I joined the court.

As I am a girl I really felt like an outsider in the court. But after a week you will feel better.

The main thing you need to do is try to communicate with the lawyers and other members in the court which will help you to become friendly with that environment.

First Day

Well in first day I did nothing I was just looking the people around me and my lawyer. My sir was listening the problem of their clients and trying to console them.

After sometime I tried to interact with sir and their other interns, he introduced me with some other inters and lawyers as well. We had a long discussion about the sec 66A of IT Act because at the time of my internship it was an important issue for discussion.

After discussion my sir told me to read some cases in which he was going to argue in the court. I sat there till 3 pm after that he came back.

If I tell you about the first few hours then they were worst but after becoming friendly it was nice day overall.

Assignments & Work

Usually sir used to give me case study of any landmark case like Kesavanad bharti’s case, Tandooor case, Vishakha v. State of Rajasthan case etc. sometimes I also used to make applications on behalf of sir. I also used to fill his dairy, in which I have to mention cases along with their next dates as given by the court.

I had done work with reference to notary, taking next date for the clients etc.

Best Things

The best thing of my internship was that I gain knowledge in a very extensive and vast manner.

I visited the family court, session court, juvenile justice board, additional court, special court etc. and the best thing which came in my knowledge that the court for juveniles is known as board not a court and I also came to know that there are separate courts for dealing with separate matters at initial level.

The judges of the courts were also very focused in nature and they were very appreciative and helpful.

Humorous Day of Internship

One day of the internship was very funny; I laughed the whole for that single moment.

What happened actually is, that one client of sir came to me and he thought that I am the lawyer and he started explaining me his problem, I told him that I am not a lawyer still he was continuing in explaining me his problem.

He told me that I will make payment on time please come and argue for me in the court, I was confused what to do because he was not even trying to understand me after some time sir came and told him that I am not a lawyer then he believed. 

Dress Code

You need to have formals with you while you are visiting to the district court because sometimes judge can ask you to be in proper dress code.


There was no stipend but the knowledge you gain will always be help you while practicing in district court.


My experience in district court was very nice and I latterly feel upgraded after completing the internship because there are too many things which are totally unknown to me before joining the court but after joining now I am well versed in all works which are required to know as a law student.

Personal Opinion

I must suggest that if you are a student of law you must go to district court for pursuing your first internship.

As I told above it is the initial court in which you will be able to learn the actual and primary object of application of law. Although sometimes it’s difficult to stay their but after few days the environment will became stimulating to you.

The knowledge you gain from their will be the best and always helpful to you.

So at last a must say that at least for once you should go to district court for learning the imperative knowledge.

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