Internship experience @ Adv Nakkeeran, Pondicherry (U.T): Assist advocates in court, Government Cases {S}

Name of student, College, Year:

Ritula Nizam, VIT Chennai, 1st year BBA LLB.

Name of Organisation/Partner, Location, Team Strength:

Advocate and Government Pleader,

No.107, Canteen street, Pondicherry-605001.

His office consists of 5 junior advocates and 1 clerk.

Duration of internship and timing:

18th June, 2018 to 8th July,2018 (one month)

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

How to apply?

You can call them up or visit them and ask for an internship, as of now they do not have an email ID. The address is mentioned above.

Main tasks:

One is expected to assist all the advocates in court.

There are almost five to seven juniors in the office, so running behind them is a mighty task. The senior advocate is also a government pleader, hence a lot of government cases can be observed if you work at this office.

An intern is expected to take care of all the simple paperwork. Eg: File vakalts, Fill and send H4 notices and maintain the diary.

Work environment and people:

Everyone in the advocate’s office is cheerful and encouraging. The energy is very much endless and vibrant.

The are no female advocates but I did not feel any discomfort working with any of the advocates or juniors in the office.

Good thing:

The clerks in the office are very friendly and assist all interns in their daily work. You can learn a lot from them than the advocates.

All you have to do is be a little kind to them. And if you know to type, they like you better.



Editors note: Internship experiences marked with {S} are shorter than we usually publish but still contain enough useful information to be published. 

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