Internship Experience @ Adv Monika Arora, Delhi: Court visits and a great learning experience

Name, College, Year

Puja Pallavi, Amity Law School, Noida

Place of Internship

HC/ Office of Adv Monika Arora @ Malviya Nagar

Internship Mentor: Adv. Monika Arora Mam; Internship Guide: Adv. Kushal Sir

Duration: 28 days (21st May 2018- 18th June 2018)

Main Tasks

The main main task given to us was “To Learn”.  My words might sound embellish but that is the truth. Whether it was our Senior Adv Kushal Sir, Adv Harsh sir or Dhirendra Sir they all helped me, and the other interns, any way they could.

Whether be it 12 at night or 6 in the morning, whenever we had any confusion they were there. I remember Kushal Sir’s Words, “Naam ke liye kaam maat karo, sikhne ke liye karo” i.e don’t work for the sake of working, work so that you can learn.

Work Environment

We used to go to the High court for half of our internship period, after that the court was closed. Mam’s Chamber was always lively. Our seniors used to ask us to have lunch with them together, clear our doubts and give us tips.

Kushal sir used to quiz us out of blue to check our knowledge and if we didn’t knew it he used to tell us about it in detail. After Court we used to have an hour long session about the latest judgments and upcoming cases.

Apart from the other Interns there were main 4 people involved:

  1. Adv Monika Arora Mam: Mam, even though she used to be swamped with her cases, she always took the time to ask us about our experience. She used to talk to us individually and together. She gave me tips about the court and the judges. She was always very helpful. I learned a lot from her. The way she used to put forth her arguments and get her ways always impressed me. Be it in her office or the corridors of the courts, whenever she had time she used to call us and teach us about our profession, lessons which no one will find in any book. She always stressed on the fact that “avoid unnecessary work and just focus on the court Proceedings, one can always research and read but the experience you will get here is the real thing.”
  2. Adv Kushal Sir: When I first started I wasn’t very fond of him. He used to shout at us, make us run from one court room to another and taunt us but by the end of the first week I slowly started to realize what he was doing, he was ameliorating us. He was shouting and taunting so that we correct our mistakes and no one else had a chance to point out our shortcomings. By the end of my Internship my perspective about him completely changed, I started to respect him. He used to take me to the district courts, showed me the proceedings there and how different it was from the high court. He taught me to read case files properly, do meditations, drafting, case briefings, etc. His legal as well as general knowledge is remarkable. I had a nice learning experience thanks to him.
  3. Adv. Harsh Sir: I didn’t spent much time with him during my internship period but the little i did showed me how knowledgeable, kind, professional and caring he is. He catches on quick, no matter which case file I am reading he knows the details of all of them. He is helpful, doesn’t get impatient while teaching us. Even if we ask the same questions 5 times he used to calmly explain it to us every single time.
  4. Dherendra Sir: He is the backbone of the place. He is very friendly and polite. Every intern used to vex him every minute of every day but instead of shouting or dismissing our queries he used to clarify all of them even when he was in hurry. Never ones did he talk rudely to any one of us. He was always very enthusiastic and cheerful. Without him the fun part of internship would have never existed.

Every one one them played a major role in my wonderful experience during my internship. I have never interned at a place which was so professional and at the same time so friendly. Everyone in the office have a good bonding which makes the place a heaven to work at. I hope to score an internship again at this amazing place.

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Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship.


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