Your Name

Abhay Gupta

Name of Organisation

Advocate Manoranjan Dash (Civil Court, Jamshedpur)

Application Process

Few calls to the office and an interview will be scheduled later on.

Duration of internship and timings

6th July, 2015- 4th August, 2015

First impression

A big office with thousands of books.

Then, one of the associates took me to sir’s office and after waiting for an hour, sir came and we shared a few words. Then, I was introduced to other associates and was assigned to be with them.

Main tasks

Main task was to summarise cases for sir and research work was also to be done with any of the associate.

Walking along with sir to the court for the argument was the best.

Listening to the cases and writing them down to make other associate understand, was something which I feared more than my Board exams.

Work environment

Work environment was simply awesome. Everyone was too friendly and I was felt like a part of their team.

No other place can be better than that for an advocate to work.

Best things

Everything was Best. If someone has to learn the law from the bottom, this place is for them.

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