Internship Experience @ Chambers of Adv. Jayant Bhatt, Delhi: Peaceful environment; Mentor for every intern


Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Bhavna Singh, Fairfield- School of Law, Kapasheda, III Year,

Name of Organization, Location City, Team Strength

Advocate Jayant Bhatt, Supreme court of India and Delhi High Court, A-71, New Friends Colony, Delhi. A Team of 8 people including all the lawyers and a clerk.

Application Process with contact details

One can send its curriculum vitae with a well-described cover letter at

Duration and Timings of Internship

One month (11th December, 2017 to 9th January, 2018). Reporting time was 9:30 in the morning at court. We could leave the office at 8 in the evening, if any urgent work was not remaining or one can go little early if have some personal issues.

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

The first-day impression was good. When I reported in the office nobody was there except another intern. Everybody was in court. They all came to the office after completing all the work in court. Everyone was polite and frank. The office had a peaceful and well-maintained environment to work. It had a separate library, separate chambers for both the leading advocates, personal slots for associates and clerk. The whole office was full of files and books.

At the end of every day, we had to give a short report to sir about our day. For introduction and report, I and another intern called to sir’s chamber. Sir was very polite with us. He told all the norms of office and directed that how we are going to work for next 30 days. He also gave us a lot of questions to find answers. He gave us many life learning lessons. First meeting with sir was nice.

Main Tasks

The office does not differentiate between associates and interns so with this view interns have little extra work. To attend court hearings and make notes of proceedings were the daily tasks.

For more: cases study, make case notes, research work and to apply for a certified copy were our responsibilities.

Simple drafting were our other tasks which were not mandatory but we can do if we want to learn more.

Work Environment and People

The office had a peaceful environment to work. A well settled, neat and clean office. We got a familiar environment. Everyone was always concerned for their interns. They all supported us if we got any problem in any work.

We used to get a lot of work there but still, we didn’t have work pressure as all interns instructed to work as per their capacity. all associates were very concerned about our food. They were always ready to order food for us. Everyone had a beautiful nature. Bonding between team members was good.

A little politics always takes place if some people are working together in different positions.

Best Things

Daily record submission system was very good. During this session. Sir used to ask some question to inters, he gave us many life lessons and solutions if we were facing any problem in life or in office.

Sir appointed a mentor for every intern who personally guided and supported us to complete tasks. After studying every case we used to discuss that with our mentor then with sir.

They do not neglect interns and treat them as a part of their lawyers family.

Sometimes sir wanted us to work independently however we did mistakes in the beginning but we learned a lot from those mistakes. I learned more when I went court alone and I realized that life is very difficult as a lawyer.

Bad Things

In total nothing was bad but someone said that nothing is perfect in this world so time will tell that what improvement needs to be done in the office.

The only thing which I didn’t like, the tea in the office. Hopefully, the housekeeper of the office will learn to make tasty tea one day.

If you are working there then you are strictly bound to drink that tea because “ab ban gai hai to peeni padegi”. Prior denial for tea will not work.


The internship was non-stipend but I got a basic stipend which made me happy.

Biggest lesson

Always put your all efforts in a work and leave other things on God.

Do not lose hope you will get the success.

Politics is everywhere. It only depends on us that how we handle it. Always try to win from politics. A politician doesn’t matter but politics do.

If there is a struggle then there is life and if there is no struggle it means you are dead.

Mistakes are the biggest teacher.

Any Other Thing.

Visit a court in UP was amazing. That long drive to court was amazing.

The office has more female advocates than male so we can say that office indirectly supports women empowerment.

Please keep your phone safely if you are working there.


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