Internship Experience @ Adv. Anshuman Singh, Jabalpur: Courts Visits, Research Work, Client Meetings, Clerical Work


Name of student, College, Year:


Name of Advocate:

Adv. Anshuman Singh.

Duration of internship:

4 weeks, with 6 days a week. Timings: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.(or till his cases are as per Court’s schedule) and then office work from 8 p.m.-10 p.m.

How you applied:

He doesn’t usually takes interns so you have to approach him personally and convince him for internship.

First Impression:

On the very first day, he asked me what law subjects have I studied yet, and since i had just studied Contracts, he asked me to read Dutt on Contracts and gave me a case file to read and understand.

For me the start was a slow one as i read all day on my first day and had very little interaction with sir. He was basically developing my reading habit and patience.

Main Tasks:

Reading cases, making case notes, observing court proceedings, client meetings, office work such as arranging files and annexures, making drafts ready for filing, etc.

Work Environment and People:

It was a quiet and peaceful work place with wifi access, it is suggested for you to carry your own laptop and as sir has a big library of books it may be advised to write a paper or research article under his guidance and using the resources he provides. His staff and his associates are keen to help out.

Best Part:

If you have to start your internship experience, and learn the basics of law and to understand it’s implementations as well as how to interpret any law, he is the person to go to.


No. But an enriching experience of skill development and immense knowledge.


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