Admissions: BA LLB and BBA LLB Programs 2022 at Mahindra University: Apply Now!


Mahindra University is inviting admissions in the BA LLB and BBA LLB programs 2022, which gives special emphasis on AI-based technological and social enterprises.

About Mahindra University

Mahindra University is established under the aegis of Tech Mahindra, as a multi-disciplinary global education and knowledge campus. In lines with the technological initiatives, Mahindra University has specific focus on AI based technological and social enterprises.  

In our endeavor, to make our students truly global citizens, our academic partners are leading academic institutions in the world such as Centrale Supélec, France (for the School of Engineering) and Cornell University’s SC Johnson School of Business, USA, Virginia Tech, Centrale Supelec, BABSON and the University of Florida.

Through these synergetic partnerships, we offer rigorous, industry-aligned curricula, a student-centered learning environment, and opportunities for international exposure. With an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary learning approach, the instruction pedagogy, at Mahindra University clearly underlines its curriculum and courses to be industry-specific and multi-skill based.

This is how the bright scholars of MU empower themselves, to integrate knowledge from various disciplines and inculcate industry-needed cutting-edge technical and professional skills so that they can confidently embrace the rising challenges and competitive requirements of a global corporate culture.

Mahindra University offers Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs in its four Schools namely Ecole Centrale School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Management, and School of Education. The Mahindra name brings with it an assurance of commitment to excellence in education and a quest for quality in life.

The University has already attracted the best faculty from world-class institutions, including senior academics educated in top institutions in India and abroad. Its liberal scholarship scheme enables meritorious students to obtain world-class education at an affordable fee.

At MU, we believe that every student has unique strengths and can be nurtured to triumph in every field of life.

AI and Law: Challenges at the Crossroad

While a technology aims for easing the challenges of human life; the law seeks to maintain a balance in humanistic approach, on the technological inventions, by upholding the very human values of our society, for which our very constitution stands for.

The evolution of our recent technological wonder viz. the Artificial Intelligence (AI), has not been an overnight phenomenon. It is a multi-dimensional technology, which was primarily created to mimic human capability.

However, during the course of its development through the past industrial revolutions, this technology has revolutionized the industry as well as society, through its umpteen iterations and reinforced researches by pushing the realms of the unknown; so that this technology can serve us better with each passing day.

Unlike an ever-evolving AI incarnation of recent digital industrial revolution, the law has followed, a slow and an evolutionary approach, rather a revolutionary one. As a result, today we stand at such a long stranded cross-road, where the AI policy and AI regulation conflicts with Law cannot be overlooked or neglected.

There is hardly any sector under the sun, which might not have already been penetrated with AI technology. Although, we are still far from the science-fiction status of a Super AI.

Nevertheless, while the Narrow AI age is already passing; and as we are marching towards the attainment of a General AI, every fictionalized experiment or hypothesis, is sooner or later turning into reality.

Automated Driving Vehicles (Including Drones), Autonomous Global Positioning and Navigation System, Online Customer Profiling Bots, Optimized Search Engines, Automated Traffic Controls, Autonomous Medical Diagnostic Machines and so on; the list is far from completion.

Each such innovation in AI technology is feeding itself with a lot of data, which forces every legal scholar to ask whether such data is free from biasedness, ethical dilemmas, privacy and confidentiality issues, jurisdiction blues and so on.

It is not that we need to stop using AI-based products and services. Nevertheless, the law needs to be more vigilant and proactive over the challenges, which AI technology brings to our gates. For example, who needs to be charged and punished; when a driverless car or drone causes some property destruction or harm to any human life?

Who should be held responsible when the private preferences and profile data of a user are put to reinforce an AI machine, for which the user has not been consented for. In the last decade, the AI technology-based companies have shown almost 1000% growth in AI technology and related investments.

More and more routine tasks are being allocated to the AI based machines and software, in every profession (including legal) and sector. It may be no wonder that after robo-policing, we may also have robo-lawyers in the decades to come.

But would such robo-lawyers have the professional attributes like due-diligence and humane discretionary touch? Well the answer to that, is still in the making. Besides, the robo-judge, who may decides a legal case would ever have a recognized legal personality or not?

Today, every country in the world is facing the regulatory and policy issues of an AI technology in one form or the other. The rising concerns of this technology has also brought new breeds of cyber crimes frauds. 

The legal profession is also undergoing a sea-change due to emerging technological threats and challenges. Mahindra University, School of Law takes a trailblazing initiative to serve the society by transforming today’s citizens as the technology skilled and responsible legal professionals of tomorrow.

Mahindra University is inviting admissions in the BA LLB and BBA LLB programs 2022, which gives special emphasis on AI-based technological and social enterprises.

Click here to apply for admissions in BA LLB and BBA LLB programs 2022 at Mahindra University


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