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Vrinda Chauhan

Opportunities do knock at your door time and again, needful is to grab them at the earliest!

Rebooting myself again on the pitch of the Court seemed to be a difficult task.

Sure was I that District Court is a no-no

Sure was I that an internship needs to be done,

Unsure was the place where to intern.

Be it exam time or a leisure one, foraging Lawctopus for a suitable internship programme was what I used to do.

It was a routine task to skim through all the new posts and updates of the Lawctopus everyday, thinking my dream internship would pop up. Taking a deep breath I wondered how dry my summer breaks would be, having no work at hand only books at my sight aiming for the judicial services.





The portal said:’ Online Internship Opportunity @ Adjuva Legal, Allahabad’. Surprised as I was, can an internship happen online??, as this idea was new to me.I went through the post.

Who can apply: Undergraduate law students, postgraduate law students in India

How to apply: A cover letter from the college along with the CV of the student. Should be mailed at

Mode:  Online

Stipend: None, however the best interns will have the opportunity to be associated with Adjuva Legal subject to their acceptance to the offer.

Subject to an intern’s performance, in terms of quality and meeting deadlines, efforts will be duly recognized and can be rewarded financially.

Minimum Period: 1 month Maximum Period: 2 months (15th June, 2015 to 15th August, 2015)

Hey on an online plane! and thus an equation was formed in my mind.


I instantly applied for the same. Mailed them my C.V. with the cover letter from my college.

After a day I got their reply  that after 10th of June I would be intimated of the shortlisted candidates.

Yes I was selected. A welcome note was sent to me along with the task to be performed.

A contract of employment was made between me and Adjuva Legal. Also I was asked to specify the duration of my internship. I had mentioned 2 months i.e. the maximum period for which the internship was offered.

Initially they the contract was for 1 month but as I wanted it for 2 months so they told me that they would further renew the same. Before the internship commenced a phone call was made so as to ask the selected interns for any query, if any, regarding the internship as well as the contract.


Variety adds the flavour! So was the internship period. The eight weeks were full of varieties.

It was mandatory to submit a daily report of the standard form on the developments regarding the assigned task each day. Furthermore a Weekly Report was to be submitted detailing on the work done throughout the week along with the completed task attached therein.

Week 1 dominated the research relating to the Law of Contract, Personal Laws along with the Case law research on the topics given (basically of Divorce and Maintenance) accompanied by the task of making a facebook post for Adjuva Legal on Marital Dispute.

Assessing the same I would say that this task was helpful in brushing up my knowledge on the related topics of Contract as well as personal laws which are the key areas for the judicial examination.

Week 2  was all about Document Reviewing. An agreement was to be reviewed and alterations were to be done within the agreement. A purely Contract based task which taught the professional dealing with the contracting party. Absolutely full of legal jargon, fully taught the usage of the phrase- bonafide.

Week 3 was a different one. It required us to prepare for Research Report on any one of the given topics from the Constitutional Law and the Contract law. Followed by a Database Management task, in which it was required to furnish the information about the advocates situated in the area in where one lives, specifying their contact details,their specialisation, with due acknowledgement.

This kind of task at the first hand seemed to be an offbeat but no actually it was all about establishing professional relations between the budding lawyers and the settled ones.

Week 4  – SURPRISINGLY OBVIOUS! Yes it was as the mainstream task was handed over- Client Counselling (Public Dealing). Well in this one was required to reach out to the people having legal issues then to understand their problems and give them legal solutions in the form of suggestions,etc.

We were required to reach out to at least 5 clients, one client per day.

One was required to e-mail the legal solutions to the clients and Cc to Adjuva Legal. And in case of telephonic interview, the minutes of the conversation were to be written in a daily report.

Week 5 was a wholesome week for me. Now Drafting came in to the picture.

We were supposed to make a Franchise Agreement. It was basically a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the contracting parties.

Yes indeed a very intriguing at the same time a fractious task. It required a research on the personal level for those who haven’t had experience handling the contracts based task. For me it was so.

Therefore, I went through a couple of such kind of agreements in order to understand the nature of task and how to handle it and then was able to make amendments. Although one is free to ask any query related to the task or any problem faced.

But as the instructions appended to every task was crystal clear,I didn’t bother to make a query.

Week 6 started with the task related to The Burning Issues. Six topics were given out of which it was required to choose any two of them and then write Articles ranging upto some 1600 words. All topics were of a different flavour having a tinge and mix of Law + Education + Society.

Week 7 was a Variegation Week! Out of all the weeks, this week’s task was a variety in itself. It was about Patent and Trademark in the United States.

A bit conscious as I was, started to search all about it, ranging from the application procedure for patents and trademark both and the prospective clients requiring the services in this area.

I have been, in my daily reports, consistently urging my co-ordinator to arrange for me some task purely based on Drafting work which involved lots of writing.

Adjuva Legal honoured me by asking – express your carte blanche!

Well then what did I need more? I thought Writing and writing, much of writing is that I wish for.

Week 8 The Last Week with the Last Supper! Legal Drafting. I was required to draft a legal complaint on behalf of the Jawan of ArmedForce, of which the fact-file was e-mailed to me.

Basing the complaint as per Section 26,Army Act,1950. Along with the task I was instructed to keep all the information highly confidential.

A tremendously technical yet an amazing task which I really enjoyed doing.


Adjuva Legal was a really nice experience in terms of –

  • MOTIVATION – With the submission of the Weekly report, getting their feedback on the task performed was an icing on the cake! Very genuine assessment was done as a result of which got motivation and thus inspiring to perform better.
  • QUALITY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF – Indeed the task given were intriguing, research based requiring ample of concentration and less time wasting.
  • RELAXATION GRANT- If anybody needed an off for a day or two then it could be granted by the co-ordinator on a due notice of the same by simply leaving a message on whatsapp or by an e-mail.
  • ENRICHING EXPERIENCE – Involving in the tasks like public dealing, client counselling added a flavour in the Online internship. Got to know people having problems, giving legal aid to them motivated more to do for the society. Moreover got to know more about the advocates residing in my circle. Best of all, got writing experience, lost all nervousness of writing any piece thus enhancing my skills.
  • CERTIFICATION – I got the certificate of the same within 15 days of the completion of the internship. Both a soft copy as well as a hard copy.

My glumness for –

  • NO STIPEND – However it was all mentioned in the contract that no stipend will be provided for the internship. But the contract could have accommodated for a stipend. Efforts should be appreciated beyond the words(huh!) Much of time and energy was spent in doing some of the tedious task which did required a certain kind of boost and only an injection of stipend could do that!

But as it goes –




This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

Disclaimer: Internship Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship. We also do not edit internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern's voice remains intact.

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