Student Speak | Aditi Sheoran of UILS Panjab: The Internship in Turkey, Her NGO ‘Tabdeel’ and More

This interview has been conducted by Avleen Kohli, Campus Manager, UILS, Panjab University.

Aditi Sheoran, is a woman who does not mince her words when she talks about making a difference, and her life until now substantiates it.

A final year student of Law at UILS, she is a vociferous public speaker with a top notch CV stemming from her enormous contribution toward society.

From being Vice-President of a Student Political Party in Panjab University to being awarded by the Governor for her work towards mentally challenged children, Aditi believes in each cause she picks up. She has founded her own organization called Tabdeel which advocates equal political, social and economic rights for women.

All her student life, Aditi has been a multifaceted personality. Special mentions and Chairing MUNs, directing prize-winning plays, winner of international Wiz-Kids competition, internships ranging from Senior Advocate Geeta Luthra to Lawyers Collective to International projects in Turkey, convenor of annual university events, and a prize-winning dancer!

She can safely be called a woman bulldozer! More power to you girl!

1. Your CV is so impressive, what is your driving force that keeps you going from one project to another?

I don’t believe in life after death so this is the only life I have got to make the best of all the opportunities coming my way.

I don’t want to restrict myself to a particular field, that’s why I keep experimenting with new projects to gain more knowledge and to enjoy the different experiences life throws at me. For me life is a rainbow not just black and white!

2. How many internships have done till date and which out of them was the greatest learning experience and why?

I have done ten internships so far and the best of all was my recent internship about child rights in Istanbul, Turkey.

It was such an enriching experience to stay in a foreign country with unfamiliar conditions, language barrier and unknown people from all over the world who have become best of friends now.

I came out of my comfort zone and had to think out of the box everyday. My creative instinct, communication skills and international law knowledge was best tested in this project.

3. Tell us something about your organisation “Tabdeel”.

I made this group a year ago which promotes equal social, political and economic rights for women through drama, discussions and demonstrations. We have staged street plays and organised group discussions on various women related issues.

Tabdeel means change, so that is my aim; to make this society a better place by our efforts, no matter how small they are.

4. With proactive social life, how do you manage to keep up with the demands of your law education?

I have never been a person who can sit for long hours engrossed in books.

I firmly believe in ‘study smarter than harder’, this theory might not suit everyone but has always proved to be right for me.

I keep reading law magazines and biographies of famous jurists and lawyers. As I intern a lot in courts so I get to know the practical aspects of the legal field.


5. Tell us about your short term and long term goals.

Short term goals are that I am planning to litigate after the completion of my course and first I will be working in trial court (I had taken this decision prior to new Bar Rules of compulsory practice).

Long term goals include striking the perfect balance between law practice, travelling, family and drama. I would also like to do social litigation through which I can work for the marginalised sections of the society.

6. You are actively involved in student politics. What according to you, are the biggest challenges being faced by the Panjab University today?

I think the biggest challenge is that ideology of a political party is not the concern of the students and leaders alike. Credentials of a candidate are not given any importance but only money and popularity are the factors which determine the fate of elections.

Still, women form a very meagre part of the contesting candidates. They don’t come forward even as members of the parties but surprisingly do vote in huge numbers. Thus, the point is that women are considered to be a bad choice as leaders but I completely disagree with this point.

Political Parties need to carefully choose which issues need to be raised and moreover which candidates can break the stereotypes and come forward for new growth avenues.

7. What is the one achievement that will always be the most special to you?

One achievement that will always remain close to my heart would be winning South Asia Wiz Kids Competition in 12th standard amongst students from all over India and South Asian countries.

I had to pass so many levels spread across two weeks testing students on oratory skills, general knowledge, communication skills, social service, talent, physical fitness, emotional stability etc. I won a scholarship of 1 lakhs and a trip to Spain and Portugal.

8. Any tips for our readers?

Don’t feel sad for the time lost, moots you didn’t win, competitions you didn’t apply for, birthdays you missed, books you didn’t read or hobbies you didn’t pursue. Just think about them as lessons and learn from your mistakes. Every day is a new lifeline you get to rewrite the story of your life beautifully.

Don’t be a workaholic that you lose your happiness. Successful life is much more than the pay package you get.

Keep introspecting your habits and routine to make yourself a better human; better than what you were yesterday.

Take out time for family, friends society, art, food, health and nature’; because they are fuel for life.

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