Should Access to Justice Win? How can you take access to justice to the next level and get up to 5x your investment?

When we started with the vision of making law accessible 5 years back, you supported the vision, trusted and believed that law can be used by anyone in their career and life. Even if you didn’t ever take our course, you sent us your encouraging opinion and feedback. That really made a huge difference and enabled us to deliver on our vision.

We have been able to create some wonderful products on business laws, anti-sexual harassment, real estate, industrial and labour laws, transfer pricing and a masters course in collaboration with NUJS.

Today, we are taking the next bold step to realize this vision and take practical learning to the next level. Most of our courses so far have been university certified.

However, skill-based legal education makes a direct, immediate and a powerful difference in your life and career, and expands beyond the realm of university-certified courses as well. The courses we are developing now will be inside this expanded vision.

We are running a crowdfunding campaign till 25th June to support the launch of our next set of breakthrough products. We want your support in this stage of the mission of making access to justice available through legal education by contributing to it.

You can participate by contributing INR 1000 or a multiple of it.

As a contributor to this campaign, you will earn a badge corresponding to your contribution (Supporter, Ambassador or Early Adopter), which carries 3 times the worth of your investment in the form of credits.

If the vision speaks to you and you really love what we are upto, we invite you to be our Evangelist and invest INR 5000.

As an Evangelist, you’ll get 5 times the value of what you contribute. You can use your credits to take up the courses listed at the bottom of this email, or any other courses we launch on in the next 2 years.

Here’s how the discount works:

Consider you invest INR 2000, you get 6000 credits.

1 credit is equal to INR 1. Consider you want to purchase Ace Your Internship, the full price of which is INR 7000 and discounted price is INR 5000. You can get access to the course / bootcamp for 5000 credits.

You will have a balance of 1000 credits with which you can purchase another course of INR 1000. If you are an Evangelist and you invest INR 5000, you get 25,000 credits.

Till when can you choose the courses you want to take up? You can enrol in any number of courses till your credits corresponding to your investment are exhausted over the next two years.

After you contribute, we will send you a form on June 29th, when you can choose the courses you want to take up. You can choose those courses or use your credits for future courses that we launch on over the next 2 years.

We will keep track of your credits from our side.

How can you invest?

If you’ve made a decision, proceed to contribute here. You will be taken to our page on Catapooolt (the crowdfunding platform) and your payment will be made through PayUMoney.

Note: This offer is only valid only until June 25th, or until the first 300 people invest INR 1000, whichever is earlier. This is a one-time offer only for you, and we will never have this deal again.

Successful people thoughtfully and intentionally choose the cause, people and opportunities that they want to invest in, such that it aligns with their vision of the future. They want to invest in the creation of a future of their choice, even if they are not personally involved in building it.

Their participation makes a difference in which causes and people win and which ones don’t. There are many causes you can choose to invest in, and we are inviting you to make Access to Justice Through Legal Education in India win, as part of our joint contribution to the country.

There are several ways in which you can think about how this could benefit you. The first is that you get a multiple of your investment back in the form of education. This is from an individual’s perspective.

The second is that your investment now really cements and propels a mission into the next stage, forever. This perspective is about the success of a cause. The third perspective is that the cause of Access to Justice Through Legal Education wins in the country. This is about a difference being made to the country. You can really choose to be moved by all three of these perspectives.

To make a decision, here’s the question you need to think about:

If this is the one action you can take now to make law and justice truly accessible in the country through legal education for the future, would you want to contribute?

If you want to speak to someone and figure out whether this is for you, call us on 011-39589412 or write to [email protected]. Remember, your contribution now will alter the availability of law and justice in India forever.

Which courses can you take up?

You can take up the courses listed below, which are either currently available on our Lawsikho platform ( or scheduled on our 12 months’ roadmap.

Since you can use your credits for 2 years, we will inform you when a new course is launched on, so that you have an opportunity to consider taking that up as well. To participate, make sure you contribute through the link above.

1. Online Certificate Course in Intellectual Property Law- (Full Price) Rs. 5,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 3,000

2. Online Certificate Course in Investment & Banking Due Diligence (Full Price) Rs. 5,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 3,000

3. Nani Palkhivala Law Practice Management Course- (Full Price) Rs. 1,000- (Discounted Price) Rs. 1,000

4. Certification on FCRA and Regulation of Foreign Donations in Non-Profit Sector- (Full Price) Rs. 5,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 3,000

5. Online CLAT preparation course – Advanced Legal Reasoning and Legal GK- (Full Price) Rs. 7,999- (Discounted price) Rs. 5,000

6. Online Certificate Course in Commercial Contract Law, Drafting and Negotiation- (Full Price) Rs. 8,000

7. Online Certificate Course in Technology Contracts – (Full Price) Rs. 8,000-(Discounted price) Rs. 3,000

8. Mooting School – become a champion mooter in 3 months- (Full Price) Rs. 5,000 – (Discounted price) Rs. 3,000

9. How to file FIR – (Full Price) Rs. 1,000 – (Discounted price) Rs. 500

10. How to file RTI- (Full Price) 500.

Next 12 months’ roadmap

1. Certification on GST (Goods and Services Tax) India- (Full Price) Rs. 8,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 5,000. Launch Month: October 2017

2. Certification on Legal Risk Management- (Full Price) Rs. 5,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 2,000 Launch Month: April 2018

3. Certification on E-commerce, Fintech and Law- (Full Price) Rs. 5,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 3,000. Launch Month: February 2018

4. Insolvency Laws Exam Course- (Full Price) Rs. 5,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 3,000 Launch Month: July 2017.

5. Drafting for Litigators- (Full Price) Rs. 8,000- (Discounted price) Rs. 5,000 Launch Month: December 2017.

6. Ace Your Internship – (Full Price): 7000 (Discounted Price): INR 5000 Launch Month: August 20177. Certification in Corporate Governance – (Full Price) Rs. 5,000 – (Discounted price) 3000 Launch Month: August 2017

Till when is this offer valid?

This is a one-time offer and is valid till we raise INR 3,00,000 of crowdfunding (first 300 of you if you invest INR 1000) or by June 25th, whichever is earlier.

How will you get access to the courses? Once you make the payment, you will receive an email from PayUMoney and registration details from Catapooolt. iPleaders team will send you an email with a Google form so that you can choose the courses that you are interested in taking up.

How long do you have access to each course for? You have access to each course for a period of 1 year after subscription to that course.

Will you get physical copy of certificates? All courses except CLAT, Insolvency Exam (Test Prep Courses) and RTI, FIR and Law Practice Management involve dispatch of physical certificates.

Physical certificates will be despatched by iPleaders every quarter, to those who completed their test in the previous quarter.

For more details, call us on 011-39589412 or write to: [email protected]

Thank you for being willing take a leap of faith, trying something new out, trusting and believing that something new that will improve the quality of our lives can truly exist.

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