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Judicial Activism

By Sushma Pandey   Editor’s Note: The issue of judicial activism has been put on a national agenda in the recent past. It has been criticized by constitutional experts and politicians while it has been warmly welcomed by lawyers and public. Meaning and Evolution Judicial activism comes in to play when […]


By Anonymous Editor’s Note: Article 21 is, by far, one of the most widely interpreted articles of the Indian Constitution. This paper analyses the effect of the phenomenon that is judicial activism, and how far has this been the reason for such a wide and varied interpretation of Article 21. […]

Judicial Activism under Article 21

By Divya Sharma, Symbiosis Law School, Pune Greatness of the bench lies in creativity… There are cases where a decision one way or the other will count for the future, will advance or retard sometimes much, sometimes little, the development of the law in a proper direction. It is in […]

Judicial Activism and Constitutional Challenges in India

By Prachi Agrawal, CNLU Patna Editor’s Note– Judicial Activism is not a result of general development of judicial procedure. It is an essential aspect of the dynamics, derivatives and independent findings of the courts. It is a specific judicial interest about the issues. Judicial Activism does not mean governance by […]

Judicial Activism Under Article 21: Going Beyond The Four Walls Of The Judiciary

By Sweta Rath, Symbiosis Law School “Editor’s Note: Judicial Activism is an approach to the exercise of judicial review, or a description of a particular judicial decision, in which a judge is generally considered more willing to decide constitutional issues and to invalidate legislative or executive actions. The author has explored the concept of judicial […]