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Price sensitive information

By Tanvi Praveen, Symbiosis Law School, Noida Editor’s note: Knowledge is said to be power. Nowhere does this hold truer than in the case of price sensitive information in a company. Such information ought to be released in a manner that benefits all investors equally, without prejudice, and not in […]

The Know-All of Insider Trading – Decades of Corruptive Prevention

By Sonakshi Das & Sanjana Sahu Editor’s Note: Insider Trading can simply be defined as Trading in the shares of a company by the person who are in the management of the company or are close to them on the basis of undisclosed price sensitive information regarding the working of the […]

Weaknesses of Corporate Governance in India

In recent years, the relations between the ownership and management have become the basis of Modern Corporation. While corporate governance essentially lays down the framework for creating long term trust between companies and the external providers of capital, it would be wrong to think that its importance lies solely in better access of finance. The key aspects of good corporate governance include transparency of corporate structures and operations, the accountability of managers and the boards to shareholders; and corporate responsibility towards stakeholders. While companies around the world are realizing that better corporate governance adds considerable value to their operational performance, India still needs to improve its standard of the same and cover up for the weaknesses.