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Federalism In India- A Judicial Interpretation

By Siddharth Dalabehera INTRODUCTION The debate whether India has a ‘Federal Constitution’ and ‘Federal Government’ has been grappling the Apex court in India because of the theoretical label given to the Constitution of India, namely, federal, quasi-federal, unitary. Until the West Bengal decision in 1963, our Supreme Court had made […]

An Analysis of Fiscal Federalism in India: Concept and Structure of Sales Taxation

 -by Alok Ratnoo, GNLU “Editor’s note: In this paper, the author has comprehensively dealt with the power and fiscal federalism in India by studying the tax structure. He proceeds with the hypothesis that ” India being a Union of states preserves the federalist features in Fiscal regimes” and has succeeded in establishing […]

Federalism – The Indian Constitutional Context

By Sahil Arora, JGLS  Editor’s Note: Federation is the existence of dual polity. Federalism is a principle of government which defines the relationship between Central Government at the national level and its constituent units at the regional, state or local levels. The principle of government allocates power and authority between […]