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Education, Employment And Empowerment Of The Rescued Women Of Trafficking

By Prajoy Dutta & Harshit Singh Jadoun Editor’s Note: Since the beginning of time, women in India have been objectified and discriminated as items for domestic use. Treated as slaves, sex objects and various other forms of derogatory labour, historically, women had never been allowed to stand up for their […]

Education For Fostering National Integration In India In The 21st Century

Rupali & Harshit Singh Jadoun   Editor’s Note: If the history of India is examined before the advent of Britishers then the phrase “India being a land of diversity with unity” fits in appropriately. Religion and language in ancient time acted as a main constituent of strengthening harmony along with uniformity […]

Right to Education in India

By Mayank Sharma, Amity Law School Editor’s Note: “Underlying the significance of education in a polity, Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, gave universal acknowledgement to the Right to Education. It was appreciated that, the right to education is not just a fundamental human right, but an […]

Free and Compulsory Education in India

By Soumik Chakraborty Editor’s Note: They impose certain obligations on the State to take affirmative action to establish a welfare State. These principles give directions to the functionaries of the State, the manner in which the Constitutional vision has to be achieved. One of the important directives is the duty of […]