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Rule of Law in India

By Aishwarya Dhakarey, SLS Pune Editor’s Note: This paper examines whether there does exist a basis for implementation of the concept of ‘rule of law’ in India. The paper further goes on to examine the various cases where the concept has been applied and interpreted. Introduction The Preamble to the Constitution […]

Autrefois Acquit And Autrefois Convict

By Rahul Deo, CNLU Patna Editors Note: The doctrine in a way is the rule again double jeopardy. Rule against double jeopardy means that a person cannot be tried for the same offence once again if he has been either convicted or acquitted in the trial relating to same offence. This paper […]

Can Rights Be Limited Under The Garb Of Religion?

By Archi Agrawal, HNLU Raipur Editor’s Note: Rights cannot be limited under the garb of religion. Article 44 of the Indian Constitution enshrines the directive principle that the state shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a Uniform Civil Code throughout the territory of India. A civil code consists of […]