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Judicial Activism under Article 21

By Divya Sharma, Symbiosis Law School, Pune Greatness of the bench lies in creativity… There are cases where a decision one way or the other will count for the future, will advance or retard sometimes much, sometimes little, the development of the law in a proper direction. It is in […]

Consumer Protection Act

By Yash Bishnoi, CNLU Editor’s Note: Under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986/ Consumer Protection (amendment) Act, 2011 consumers are provided with machinery whereby they can file their complaints to the Consumer Forums with special powers so that appropriate action could be taken and the possible compensation may be awarded to consumer. This […]

Article 12 and 13 Of The Constitution Of India

By Bani Mahajan, UILS Chandigarh Editor’s Note: In enacting fundamental rights in part III of our Constitution, the founding fathers showed that they had the will, and they were ready to adopt the means to confer legally enforceable fundamental rights. Part III of the Constitution is said to contain the Bill […]

Freedom Of Speech And Expression

By Tanu Priya Editor’s Note: Freedom of speech, considered the basic freedom by most philosophical thinkers, consists of several facets, including the right to express one’s opinion unhindered, unfettered by the fear of retribution. It is one of the most basic elements for a healthy, open-minded democracy. It allows people to […]