Expectation of a Law Student from a Great Law School

By Ankit Tripathi, Institute of Law, Nirma University

Editor’s Note: Our alma maters shape us and mould us into worldly wise individuals. This is true for any field, but especially for legal education as it is a highly professional course and the experience and exposure in a good law school is often instrumental in making or breaking an aspiring lawyer’s career. This article provides an insight into the expectations of every law student from a law school.”

It is true that no one could function very well without expectations. Once the Law students decide that they would be pursuing education in the field of Law, they start to develop a very high expectation from various law schools and the college that fulfils their criteria makes a law school Great in their own perspective.  Having a good Legal education is essential to become successful lawyer. Legal Education is a very important aspect in Law student lives and they go through many steps and hurdles to attain good legal education. Every Law student expects opportunity to set goals and have new hopes to accomplish in a great Law school. A Law student expects that the college will help to open doors to new opportunities and will ensure a security for a better future for him. It will provide them with the knowledge related to their field of interest and they will be able to learn new, advanced stuff. A great Law school is expected to develop an initiative that creates a foundation for a safe and respectful learning environment. Here are few of the expectation that a Law student expects from a Great Law school.

  1. Academic culture: Every student expects a good academic culture from a Great Law School. When a student chooses a Law School, Academic culture is the foremost criteria to decide that thing. Every student expects that whenever he chooses a law school it has impressive academic environment. He expects that the academic and intellectual environment in which he will live and learn will be livelier and more diverse. It also means that a teacher should make a committed effort to be consistent, fair, and firm. Today, if there are colleges who are still ranked ahead of all other Law schools, this is the reason behind it. A Great Law school should own a flourishing academic culture in which he finds himself in a situation like that he would be grasping knowledge easily unlike other colleges who own a good infrastructure but fails to develop a decent and good academic culture.
  1. Quality of life: Although nowadays, it is not much expected from any Law schools to have a super quality of life in their campus, but still this factor is very much important in choosing a Law School. It is expected that even if the School lacks in few aspects related to academics, it enjoys a god quality of life. Suppose a student could not do well in academics, he/she still has a chance to be a good student, a hardworking person, a self made man or woman and do well in life. But a bad quality lifestyle is soul destroying. Nothing can cure that. Therefore, it is expected from a great Law School that it provides the students with a decent Campus cum Hostel Environment. He/She expects that they are provided with all the basic amenities. A Good Quality of life is super important as it can make their life easier and happier.
  1. Experienced Faculties: The quality of the academic staff in Law school is decisive for the quality of the college. A Law student expects from a great Law school that members of the academic staff come from accomplished backgrounds who have vast experience in the field of Law that have shaped many of minds. “Lawyers are the guardians of justice and our free society; one should not take this profession lightly”. It is expected that these faculties trains us to become the most competent, effective lawyer we can be as their personal duty and as their professional responsibility to us, to our future clients, and to society as a whole. Although it is not expected from all the Law schools that they have world-class faculty, but again from a great Law school, a Law student expects to have few world-class faculty, most of whom maintain unrestricted hours for mentoring and student consultation.
  1. Infrastructure: Good quality infrastructure is a key factor in making a Mundane Law school to a Great Law School. Today, unfortunately, there are many Law schools that doesn’t enjoy good infrastructure, which ultimately hampers their growth and ability to provide students with good Legal education. It is expected from a great Law school that it enjoys a well built infrastructure not only in terms of Well furnished & maintained classrooms with properly illuminated and ventilated rooms, but also with a well-stocked library, proper and spacious Hostel rooms, E-centre for library etc. A great Law school should have a World-class Library which should have books in adequate quantity in each subject/course so that law students derive maximum benefit from this important facility. Books on different subjects, audio-video cassettes and VCP, Audio Cassette Player should also be available in the library so that students may have access to it and explore them. It should have a large and sprawling sports ground for the different outdoor sports under supervision of an experienced Physical Education Teacher. There should be a well equipped medical dispensary within the campus which should be constantly supervised by an experienced group of doctors. Most importantly, it is expected that a great Law school has a full time & well furnished and well equipped canteen which provides healthy and hygienic food.
  1. International Collaboration: While standing out from the crowd might not be something that every Law schools can achieve, a great Law school is expected to have international collaboration with famous and knowledgeable Foreign Law schools and their faculties. It would help in creating better cross-cultural understanding. The importance of international collaboration in Law schools should be made explicit. A great Law school is expected to have memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with foreign Law schools to facilitate student exchange program. It would not only make students travels abroad but also broaden their horizons and make them experience a new culture. It would make law students learn new languages in a practical manner and experience the way learning institutions in other countries work; it would enable the students to access certain courses that might be not available in India. A great Law school is expected to provide its student with enormous opportunity to gain new interests, get an education and gain an appreciation for diversity all at the same time.
  1. Liberal spirit: A great Law school is expected to be liberal in spirit. A student expects that a great Law school encourages diversity and individuality. It should provide students with ample amount of time so that they can explore their other talents apart from academics. There are several colleges which provides student with strict attendance rule and then it somehow debars them from participating in any competition. It is expected from a great Law school that classes timings should be divided keeping in mind the interests of student .It is expected that timings are not so strict and students are provided with enough time to enhance their other skills too such as reading skills in Library, Communication skills in Literary rooms.
  1. Placement and Internships: Recruitment is the touchstone. The role of Placement Cell has always been important for any student to decide which law school to join. It is expected from a great Law school that it enjoys a good placement and recruitment record. The task of the Placement Cell in law school should not just be limited to campus recruitments. The Law school should meticulously organize the placement process. It is expected that all the giant companies and law firms displays interest in their law school. It is expected that a law school provided his student continuous training through Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars that may prove fruitful while going for the actual recruitment process. Apart from providing students with placement opportunities, a great law school should also provide for internship opportunities for its student’s during their summer and winter vacations.

It is crucial that law students develop themselves as to why they want to join a particular law school. Given the investment of time and money, the decision to select a Law school based on their expectation deserves careful consideration. Prospective law students should make a sound decision based on accurate self-analysis, correct perceptions about the reality of the law school and realistic expectations so they find an exciting, challenging and rewarding career ahead in their law school. Even if a law student doesn’t find a Law school that fulfils their expectations, it should not let them down and end up not accomplishing all that they ought to accomplish.

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