Where Exactly Is Our Breed Headed?


Editor’s Note: This piece of writing is a social commentary on the state of women in India today.”

I regret having to write such a negative piece but in a short span of almost twenty years of life that I have lived, a lot of times the circumstances have forced me to sit down to think and wonder where exactly are we headed and is there a possibility of existence of a scenario which is worse than the present day. While on the face of it we are all educated, aware, modern and rational people; we end up being hypocrites when we till date wish for sons in the family in front of the unwanted daughters who have since ages been just trying to prove themselves in order to feel like a part of the family for whom she is obviously a burden.

When I sit and read the newspaper every morning, it’s merely a piece paper reporting who got raped where, molested by whom, how many fetuses of girls were found in whichever hospitals’ garbage bin, which family burnt up a newlywed bride while torturing her for dowry, and the list just never seems to come to a halt. The people who today talk of bringing up the society to a level where each one of us could walk around without feeling like we are being raped by the eyes of every single man who crosses us are the ones refusing their parents a roof on their heads at home and treating their women like servants and mere toys.

While we teach our daughters to wear complete clothing, while we teach them to not look at men in their eyes, while we teach them to not rise above the prying eyes of the society, why not teach the sons to respect the womb that is responsible for their mere existence, let alone their bringing up! However, the character of such cannot be blamed when they themselves grew up in a house where the lady of the house was beaten up and made to work like a bonded laborer. It’s the parents who brought up the child who have obviously failed to convey to their children the world is not going to run according to them and every woman is not a prey to them either.

The luckier part of the girls on one hand are being given the best of education, and on the other still made to feel like loners in their own homes. But, the more you try to hold onto something, more it goes out of hand. The time has come when the more you try to control to the woman, with more vengeance will she get back at you. It’s important to let the world know that they don’t need your sympathy; they don’t need your sweet consolation for sympathy and consolation is to be kept for the weak.

I wish for each one of you who read this to sit and give a little thought to the reasons as to today why have we not managed to move even a step forward and are still standing at the place where we started. We need to put the brain that has been gifted to us to use and think of the ones who have already sacrificed their lives for the cause. Why are we such hypocrites? We worship the Devi in the temple and the rape her outside of it? We call her “characterless” when in this free country she tries to spread her wings! That just because she has a glass in her hand that looks like that of alcohol “she is ill-mannered”? That we blatantly blame her for being raped? That we so out rightly blame her for being thrown away in a gutter somewhere by the uncouth men of her own age who have forgotten the existence of their own mothers and sisters? She is being followed by men till her house every single day while feeling like a vulnerable deer at the hands of the lion and she is the ‘whore’ in the situation?

In conclusion, isn’t it better to rather have them killed before they are born because once born; they are forced to live the lives that they can’t live at all. We managed to get rid of the Sati- Pratha but what’s the difference? We anyway burn them up for some reason or the other; literally and metaphorically.

Edited by Amoolya Khurana

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