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  1. Can a court which is dealing with the same criminal who is currently under trial and on bail in another court of the same state ask for the custody of the criminal, with the presiding court, so that, proceeding in the case could be initiated.

  2. Salaam Aleykum,
    I would like to know the rights of “Wakfu”. My grandmother from my mother’s side she left 2 houses in a Muslim Country under “Wakfu”. She has 3 son’s and 1 daughter who is my mother. My mother has two daughters me and my sister, one of my uncles has two sons and the other one 1 daughter and the thirds uncle no children. My question is what does the “Wakfu” law entitle? Who is responiple for the two houses and who has the right to live in those houses?

    Thanks in advance

  3. I want to fight against the hospital for negligence of my fathers medical case in one of my hospital in kolkata . How to procced with the firmally .

  4. query -under which law it is mandatory for government office to prepare seniority list and if prepared what should be the frequency of re publishing it. plz quote law /rules

  5. Hello sir,
    I want to say that I also want to submit my project here. So how can I do this?
    currently, I am studying in NALSAR university of law.

  6. my father borrowed 15 lakhs during 2002 to 2015, by mortgaging the registered title deeds with possession with my uncle with a condition that my father will get it registered in the name of my uncle as and when he demands to do so. Now the Prinicpal amount and interest put together was around 32 lakhs and the property worth now is 30 lakhs. Recently my father sold the same plot for Rs.11 lakhs to a real estate agent on the condition that the title deed was misplaced, and got the sale agreement registered. Since the title deed is in the custody of my uncle, can he approach the Hon’ble Court to file a suit to get the property registered in his name so that he can sell the same to recover his lent money.

  7. I have seeked information under RTI act 2005, towards the investigation of complaint filled against submission of forged documents to gain the employment in central govt by one culprit, to central vigilance commission.
    vigilance has rejected the application quoting section 8(1)d (j) so FAA also supported the pio without mentioning proper reason and voilating section 8 & 9 Of rti act 2005,

    please help me in this I need to file PIL against this injustice.

  8. Hello sir, I am studying final year 3 yrs, fifth semister. Present syllabus is 1. Interpretation of statutes and principles of legislation 2.Dispute Resolution (arbitration,conciliation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution systems) 3.Land laws including Tenure and Tenancy System 4.Intellectual Property Laws (Rights and Litigation) 5.International Human Rights.this based on any study material please send me in my cell number and my whatsapp.

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