Alienation of Property

By Ria Jain, UILS, Panjab University  Editor's Note: Many of the civil cases coming to the courts today involve disputes regarding property and its alienation. It is understood that with each matter, the law on this point gets trickier. This paper is a handy guide to caselaws on the … [Read more...]

Concept of Property Rights

- Anonymous it deals with the element of public policy, meaning that it is intervention of the state in the otherwise state of chaos[i]. The element of public policy comes in whenever the work in question is one which can harm the efficiency of the market or the disturb the equilibrium of the … [Read more...]

Concept Of Execution

- Abhishek Kumar, CNLU INTRODUCTION Execution is the last stage of any civil litigation. There are three stages in litigation: Institution of litigation. Adjudication of litigation. Implementation of litigation. Implementation of litigation is also known as execution. A decree will … [Read more...]

“Goods” under the Sale of Goods Act, 1930

By Aditya Sood Editor’s note: ‘Goods’ have been defined under § 2(7) of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930, to include every kind of movable property, including stocks, shares, crops, grass, severable objects, etc. It is supplemented by the definitions of movable and immovable property under § 3(36) … [Read more...]