Promissory Estoppel

Madhubala Solanki Editor's Note: This paper will explain the equitable doctrine of promissory estoppels and its evolution. Ingredients and applicability of the doctrine and the legal liability which arises through the promissory estoppel will be explained. Law commission report on promissory … [Read more...]

Scientific Evidence in Criminal Trials- Narcoanalysis

By Yamini Rajora, National Law University Jodhpur Editor's Note: Till recently, the courts had to rely on non-scientific evidences only because of the non-availability of proper technology. Scientific evidences are crucial to the fact finder in order to arrive at the logical consequence in … [Read more...]

Law On Phone-tapping In India

By Priyan Garg, Amity Law School, Noida "EDITOR'S NOTE:- The recent times have exposed the diabolic methods used by government agencies all over the world for the greater good of national security. Deployment of such techniques is invasive of the fundamental right to privacy that citizens are … [Read more...]

All logically relevant facts are not legally relevant and all legally relevant facts may not be logically relevant

Satwik Singh WB NUJS "Editor’s Note: The paper is on the relevancy of facts under the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.” INTRODUCTION The Indian Evidence Act is very unique in nature. This is because it was introduced some 141 years ago. The mere fact that it was introduced so many years ago does not … [Read more...]

Case Briefs| M.C. Mehta, Section 122 IEA, Defamation IPC and Compensation

By Vivek Singh, Institute of Law, Nirma University Editor's Note: This paper is in the form of case briefs. The first case is the landmark M.C. Mehta case dealing with the Environment Pollution in the river Ganga. This case falls in the new category of tort where environmental tort has been … [Read more...]