Scope and Extent of Amendment of Pleadings

By Kanthi Kiran Mamidanna, NALSAR University, Hyderabad "Editor's Note: The court system in a nation usually operates to do justice. In light of this argument, until a few years ago, the parties to a suit had unfettered opportunities to amend the pleadings under Rule 17, Order VI of the Civil Code … [Read more...]

Civil Procedure Code, 1908- More Effective and Justice Oriented

By Akash Mishra, WBNUJS Editor's Note: The Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) is deemed to be one of the primary procedural laws in India which is neither involved in taking away the rights nor in engendering, it is solely into regulating the court procedure. The CPC has been majorly amended in 1951 … [Read more...]

Making CPC effective & justice oriented

Prakhar Maheshwari, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences Editor’s note: A uniform civil code was introduced in 1859, prior to which there existed several codes overlapping in the same areas. This code was revised, formulated and executed multiple times. However, a need is … [Read more...]

Foreign Judgments in the context of Indian Law and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

By Shreesha Bhatt, Shivansh Agarwal & Ashutosh Gondli, GNLU Editor's Note: This paper deals with the enforcement of foreign judgments in India and also discusses the enforcement of Arbitral Awards. INTRODUCTION A decree in India, either foreign or domestic, has to be enforced under … [Read more...]