Unionisation of sex workers in India

By Tarunya Shankar Editor’s note: India recently decriminalized prostitution, making the profession legal but retaining brothel ownership as illegal. This afforded protection to women from abuse, social stigma and the paper examines a rising need for unionization of the industry, allowing them a … [Read more...]

An Incisive Analysis of Section 33A of The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 and Related Issues

By Gautam Mohanty, National Law University Odisha Editor's Note: Social and economic  justice is the ultimate ideal for any industrial adjudication and the basis for this ideal  lies in the guiding principles of social welfare, common good and the directive principles of state policy enshrined … [Read more...]

Changes in Labour Jurisprudence in WB

Soumik Chakraborty Editor's Note: The Industrial Disputes Act and other peripheral labour law legislations are socialistic, beneficial legislations, and must be interpreted in the best manner possible to favour the vulnerable sections of society. But at the same time attempts by parties to file … [Read more...]

Land Acquisition in India

By Swati Duggal, Punjab University Editor's note: In India the Government has the power to acquire land for a public purpose. The legislation that was enacted to govern the same  was very old, having not been changed since the time of the British and had several lacunae. Most prominently, there … [Read more...]