The Role of International Financial Institutions in Developing and Least Developed Countries

Financial Institutions 3

By Modi Umangkumar Champaklal, NLIU, Bangalore Editor's Note : International financial Institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are facing varied economical, financial, political, social and environmental issues today. Their role with regards to the administration … [Read more...]

The Struggle of a Democracy against Terrorism: Sacrificing Civil Liberties to Reduce Terrorism Risks

By Sonakshi Verma, National Law University Jodhpur Editor's Note: Terrorist threats have existed throughout modern history, and the importance of deterring and preventing terrorist acts is of central importance. The impulse to abandon human rights norms in times of fear and crisis is … [Read more...]

Principle of Non-Refoulement and its Absolute Nature

By Akkiraju Chandralekha, SLS Pune   Editor's Note: The principle of non-refoulement is a major concept in public international law, dealing specifically with refugee laws within the human rights regime. The principle basically says that a refugee, once entered another country, cannot be … [Read more...]

Cross border tort disputes

Yashaswini Prasad, Jindal Global Law School Editor’s note: A tort related claim involves multiple factors such as the place of the tort, the nationality and domicile of the parties, etc. Determining jurisdiction of where the tort was committed is one of the major hurdles faced in cross border … [Read more...]

The Protection of Refugees Bill, 2014

By Shristi Banerjee and Aditya Pattnaik, WBNUJS Editor's Note: This paper is in the form of a proposed draft for a bill titled the Protection of Refugees Bill. The Bill contains 48 sections and 14 chapters. The preamble states that it is a  bill "to provide for the legalisation of asylum … [Read more...]

Private International Law and Inter-Parental Custody Disputes in India

By Aditi, NUJS Editor's Note: Disputes resulting from such global families, especially involving inter-parental custody battles have yet to be addressed comprehensively by the Indian legal regime. The present paper explores the current Indian position on this issue and the future potential in … [Read more...]