Category: Humanitarian and Refugee Law

Conflict, Refugee Situation and Human Rights: A Case Study of Tamil Refugees in the Sri Lankan Conflict

By Anonymous Editor’s Note: Refugee situations and statelessness are two of the most pertinent issues today in International Law. There are millions of displaced persons who live in the most inhumane conditions all over the world including India, Iran and Pakistan and their only intention was to avoid conflict. As […]

Principle of Non-Refoulement and its Absolute Nature

By Akkiraju Chandralekha, SLS Pune Editor’s Note: The principle of non-refoulement is a major concept in public international law, dealing specifically with refugee laws within the human rights regime. The principle basically says that a refugee, once entered another country, cannot be forced back to his original country unless under […]

Need For Codification Of Refugee Laws In India

By Sagarika Chandel, KIIT School of Law, Bhuvaneshwar “EDITOR’S NOTE:- While India has been home to several immigrants from neighbouring indigenous communities in turmoil, however, it needs to devise a legal framework to protect the human rights that these refugees or asylum seekers are entitled to.India’s international commitments as well […]

The Protection of Refugees Bill, 2014

By Shristi Banerjee and Aditya Pattnaik, WBNUJS Editor’s Note: This paper is in the form of a proposed draft for a bill titled the Protection of Refugees Bill. The Bill contains 48 sections and 14 chapters. The preamble states that it is a  bill “to provide for the legalisation of asylum […]

Case Comment on “Columbia vs. Peru” Asylums Case

By Jibin Mathew George, Amity Law School, Delhi. Editor’s Note: Case comment on Columbia vs. Peru and its relation with Extradition, Asylum, Refugee law, etc. INTRODUCTION The concept of the right of asylum, in its loosest sense, can be traced a long way back in time. History is replete with […]