Law On Phone-tapping In India

By Priyan Garg, Amity Law School, Noida "EDITOR'S NOTE:- The recent times have exposed the diabolic methods used by government agencies all over the world for the greater good of national security. Deployment of such techniques is invasive of the fundamental right to privacy that citizens are … [Read more...]

Legal Issues Involved In E-Contracts

                                                                                                   Bhanu Srivastava Balendu Bhushan                                                                                                            RMLNLU, Lucknow “Editor’s Note: The paper deals with the … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing: A Marvellous Invention for Public Utility

By Lipsa Dash, Monika , KIIT School of Law, KIIT University Editor's Note: Cloud computing is a growing trend whereby the organizations these days are switching to virtual work-space. It has come to be known as the third revolution after Personal Computers and Internet in the field of … [Read more...]

Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010

By Shivani Gupta, HNLU Raipur   Editor's Note: By using a miniscule of nuclear matter, the problem of immeasurable human needs for energy can be resolved. However since nuclear energy also has the inherent potential for catastrophic destruction, one should be extremely mindful of the … [Read more...]

Law and Technology

by Nabarun Chandra Ray, GNLU  "Editors Note:  Technology interacts with social, economic and legal frameworks to set the basic ‘affordances’ and constraints of human action over time. The most significant present transformation revolves about computers and the emergence of the networked … [Read more...]