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Uniform Law Of Adoption

By Eshan Jaipuriar, Symbiosis Law School Pune “EDITOR’S NOTE:- This piece throws light upon the various endeavours made by the Government towards the creation of a uniform Civil Code.Having imported such a method to facilitate better governance, India continues to operate with a multitude of personal laws.However, such a system […]

Social Class

By Anonymous Editor’s Note: This paper talks about the meaning of social class and discusses the arguments put forth by Karl Marx and Max Weber. SOCIAL CLASS A social class may be defined as a stratum of people of similar position in the social status. The social status of a janitor […]


By Anonymous Editor’s Note: Notes on education and the various kinds of education. It also discusses the various functions of education. EDUCATION Primitive / ancient societies had no educational institutions. Children learnt what they needed to know by watching whatever was going on and helping wherever practical. Families, parents and siblings […]

The Struggle for Dignified Livelihood by Tribes Of India: A Study on Jarwa Tribe in Andaman and Nicobar

By R. Ajitha, Christ University School of Law Editor’s Note:  India has a composite population. The Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes, who not only need protection from exploitation but even positive help from the state for amelioration of their miserable lot. There are certain provisions in the Indian Constitution […]

The Problems of Marginalized Groups in India

By Devesh Saksena, Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad Editor’s Note: The author starts by explaining the definition and meaning of the word marginalization, what causes it and what constitutes it, as part of the introduction. He then goes on to explain certain sections of the society that have faced […]

Comparative Analysis of the Phenomena of Death Row and its Unconstitutionality

By Naveen Kumar Gautam, RMLNLU ‘Editor’s Note: Death Row phenomenon is an attribute of the long and slow infamous trials of Indian judiciary. It is a new phenomenon which throws light upon the double punishment a death sentence convict has to undergo. It talks about the duration of days a […]

Can Rights Be Limited Under The Garb Of Religion?

By Archi Agrawal, HNLU Raipur Editor’s Note: Rights cannot be limited under the garb of religion. Article 44 of the Indian Constitution enshrines the directive principle that the state shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a Uniform Civil Code throughout the territory of India. A civil code consists of […]