Role Of Government In Public Health: Current Scenario In India

Digvijay Singh INTRODUCTION The practice of public health has been dynamic in India, and has witnessed many hurdles in its attempt to affect the lives of the people of this country. Since independence, major public health problems like malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, high maternal and child … [Read more...]

Education, Employment And Empowerment Of The Rescued Women Of Trafficking

Prajoy Dutta & Harshit Singh Jadoun Editor's Note:Since the beginning of time, women in India have been objectified and discriminated as items for domestic use. Treated as slaves, sex objects and various other forms of derogatory labour, historically, women had never been allowed to … [Read more...]

Catalyst Mechanism: A Step Towards Human Rights

Nishantl Mittal, Pushpit Bansal Editor's Note: Human rights two simple words but when put together they constitute the very foundation of our existence. INDIA being a diverse country with its multicultural, multiethnic, and multi religious population, the protection of human right is the Sine Qua … [Read more...]

Fascism: Origin, Features And Connotations

By Arham Siddiqui, National Law University Odisha                                                                       Editor’s Note: In this project, efforts have been made to explain the concept of fascism, its origin and development in various countries of the world. A detailed study of its … [Read more...]

Interpreting Provisions of The Armed Forces (special Powers) act, 1958

By  Chaity, Sonakshi Verma,Yamini Rajora, National Law University, Jodhpur Editor's Note:  The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) was implemented by Indian government in 1958 in the context of separatist movements and the violence caused by them. It has received mixed reactions from across … [Read more...]

Public Interest Litigation, Social Action Litigation & Private Attorneys Of Law

By Vasundhara Majithia, Yamini Rajora, National Law University Jodhpur             Editor's Note: It is because of a system for Public Interest Litigation that the Indian judiciary has been able to help in cooling down a few controversial policy questions. One could think of the controversy … [Read more...]