Role of Judiciary in Rape cases

By Bhavana Sharma, Department of Laws, H.P.U., Shimla Editor's Note:Rape is one of the most heinous crimes and is often described as the “beginning of a nightmare” for the victim. In this paper, efforts have been made to identify how judiciary being the third pillar of the Constitution has played … [Read more...]

Victimology and Emerging Trends of Compensation

By Gurratan Wander, RGNUL and Harsimrat Kaur, Army Institute of Law, Mohali "Editor's Note: More often than not, most discourses pertaining to criminal law, or the commission of mass crimes involve the element of criminology, and the principles of criminal law, including basic concepts such as … [Read more...]

Public Opinion in Sentencing Policy: The Need of the Hour

By Anupam, Rajeev Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Kharagpur  Editor’s Note: Sentencing of a convict basically embarks the culmination of the judicial process which begins with the detection, enforcement of the law, prosecution and adjudication. Thus the importance of Sentencing … [Read more...]

Crime, Crime Rates and Control Techniques: A Statistical Analysis

By Shivam Dubey and Pooja Agarwal, Christ University Editor's Note: By using the data of National Crime Records Bureau , the authors have examined the overall trends and characteristics of crime, crime rates and crime control techniques in each stage of the criminal justice system in India. From … [Read more...]

The Corroding Faces of Indian Women: Acid Attack

By Shatrunjay Bose, UPES Dehradun Editor's Note: Acid attacks have become a menace in India for women. The inappropriate use of acid on human body causes devastating effects on the body of the person. The most notable effects of an acid attack are the lifelong bodily disfigurement. The acid can … [Read more...]

Rights of Working Women: A Case Study

By Vivek Singh, Institute of Law, Nirma University Editor's Note: According to the author, a male employee who is in a higher position is always in search of taking undue advantages of a female employee.This research paper is based on real legal dispute at the trial court level with regards to … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment: Breaking the Wall of Silence

By Akshya, USLLS Editor’s Note: This paper begins by discussing the landmark Visakha case and later analyses the changes that the judgment brought in. There is also a brief discussion on Justice J.S Verma Committee Report and the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition … [Read more...]