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Maternal Mortality in India

Digvijay Singh   Editor’s Note: In developing countries like India, maternal mortality ratio is still very high. Different socio demographic factors are responsible beside the medical factors for this high ratio. Government of India has taken many steps for the improvement of health of pregnant and nursing women and women in […]

Juvenile Justice Act: A Socio-legal Study

Almost all the countries have developed a juvenile justice system to deal with their young offenders. In India, this issue has been in the highlight lately, with discussions on their problems and related issues at various forums. In this submission, the author has elaborated not only the social implications of delinquency but also the various aspects of the law that deals with juveniles.

Behind the Guise of ‘Guru’: Sexual Harassment Against Students

By Anonymous Editor’s Note: Gurus, or teachers have always been thought of as the most noble, most selfless beings. They have always been thought of as the candle that burns itself to provide light to its students.  In the recent times, teachers have been in the news for all the […]

Female foeticide

By Gayatri Loomba The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata Editor’s note: Female foeticide is the gory practise of sex-selective abortion, which renders the girl child a victim of the highest degree of gender-rooted prejudice. This paper examines the factors leading to the continuance of this practice despite […]

Child Sexual Abuse And Law

Ghanshyam Panchariya KIIT University, Bhubaneswar “Editor’s Note: The paper deals with the law in India pertaining to child sexual abuse, the passing of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 which was the first legislation to deal comprehensively with the law relating to child sexual abuse.” INTRODUCTION “If […]