Medical Negligence

Aakarsh Shah, RNPI law school Editor’s note: Medical negligence is punishable under various laws such as torts, IPC, Indian Contracts Act, Consumer Protection Act, etc. It can be defined as misconduct by a medical practitioner or doctor, and causes many deaths and illnesses each year. This … [Read more...]

Rights of Juvenile in India

Ankit Kaushik INTRODUCTION Children are the precious asset of our country and it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they have a safe environment to live in. But the last decade has seen a huge leap in the rate of Juvenile crime in a developing country like India. Today, Juvenile … [Read more...]

Arbitrary Powers to Army

Nimesh Kumar Choudhury Editor's Note:Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958(AFSPA) was an act created after independence to protect the disturbed or terror affected areas. It was a small act of 6 sections which gave immense powers to military to take actions against the wrong in disturbed … [Read more...]