The Role Of Consumer Dispute Redressal Agencies

Consumer exploitation in India can be brought down only with proper awareness of the consumers about their rights. There are many platforms which they can approach to put in their complaints and escalate it to achieve justice. The Government understood the need to protect consumers from unscrupulous suppliers, and several laws have been made for this purpose. We have the Indian Contract Act, the Sale of Goods Act, the Dangerous Drugs Act, the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marketing) Act, the Indian Standards Institution (Certification Marks) Act, the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, the Stand­ards of Weights and Measures Act, etc. which to some extent protect consumer interests. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted to provide a sim­pler and quicker access to redressal of consumer grievances. However, from the analysis of performance with regards to the disposal rate of cases of various Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies in India, it has been found that the agencies at the district level are working more efficiently than those at the national level and state level. Therefore, there is still need of agencies functioning at state and national level to dispose of the pending cases as early as possible by creating supplementary benches as per the provisions of Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Consumer Awareness

Consumer is the person who hires or avails of any services for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid and partly promised or under any system of deferred payment. But Consumer exploitation is very rampant these days. Consumers get exploited in many ways through the more dominating and knowledgeable sources. On the other hand, consumers have to be aware not only of the commercial aspects of sale and purchase of goods but also of the health and security aspect. Besides this, they should be aware of their rights and duties being as rational human beings viz., price and quality of products used by them, about Fair Price Shops, standardization of products, about Consumer Forums etc. Therefore, Consumer exploitation should be bought down with proper awareness to the consumers on their rights and how they could go about with things, if they feel they have been cheated.

Consumer Protection Act

By Yash Bishnoi, CNLU Editor’s Note: Under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986/ Consumer Protection (amendment) Act, 2011 consumers are provided with machinery whereby they can file their


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