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Contract of Adhesion and Doctrine of Fundamental Breach

The nature of the contracts changes with the developments in business environments. Most contracts entered into by ordinary people today are not in fact the result of individual negotiations. Even insurance contracts are similar to such contracts of adhesion since one party holds a stronger bargaining position in the contract and this is usually the drafting party, whereas the other party holds a weaker position and this is usually the accepting party. The existing provisions of the the Indian Contract Act show that the legal control is not quite adequate to come to the rescue of the weaker party against adhesion contracts and to meet the needs of the changing times.

Relations of Partners to Third Parties under the Indian Partnership Act: An Analysis

-Pravesh Aggarwal, RGNUL Editor’s Note: Case Briefs on the Relations of Parties to Third Parties under the Indian Partnership Act. INDIAN CASES 1.1 Partners To Act As Agents Of Each Other Case– Prem Ballabh Khulbe v. Mathura Datt Bhatt[i] Facts– The appellant, the respondent and two other persons carried on […]