Doctrine of Fundamental Breach: The CISG and The UCC

By Sonakshi Verma, National Law University Jodhpur Editor's Note: The doctrine of fundamental breach is chiefly predicated on the facts or assumption that a party to a contract or contract of sale has committed a misnomer in the contract that goes to the root of the contract, thereby knocking … [Read more...]

Contract of Adhesion and Doctrine of Fundamental Breach

By Yamini Rajora, National Law University, Jodhpur Editor's Note: The nature of the contracts changes with the developments in business environments. Most contracts entered into by ordinary people today are not in fact the result of individual negotiations. Even insurance contracts are similar to … [Read more...]

The Development of New lex mercatoria in the context of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation

By Sonakshi Verma, NLU Jodhpur       Editor's Note:   Reforms in international commercial law have long been the centre of international efforts to facilitate international commercial transactions with lower costs to enterprises and higher legal certainty. As world trade and communications … [Read more...]

Statutory Transactions: A Comparative Analysis of the Indian and English Scenario

Yamini Rajora, National Law University Jodhpur Editor's Note: Statutory transactions are contracts under compulsion of law whereby parties are mandated by executive orders or legal regulations to enter into either contractual relations or contract–like relations. Therefore, it would not be a sale … [Read more...]

Indemnity And Agency

-Sumit Kumar Suman, CNLU Introduction Indemnity can be treated as a sub-species of compensation and a Contract of Indemnity is a species of contracts. The obligation to indemnify is a voluntary obligation taken by the indemnifier. Mere possibility of loss occurring will not make the indemnifier … [Read more...]