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Understanding the Creation of the Indian Judicial System

By Shambhavi Ravishankar, Christ Law College, Bangalore “Editor’s Note: The judicial system of a country needs to be efficient in order to ensure effective overall administration. However, when the British came to the country, the judicial setup in India was in dire need of reform as it suffered from defects like […]

Judicial Activism Under Article 21 And Personal Laws

By Mounica Kasturi, Symbiosis Law School, Pune “Editor’s Note: India is a nation with diverse communities that are governed by different personal laws according to their religion. These personal laws often come into conflict with the principles enshrined in Part III of the Constitution. The courts have generally been reluctant […]

In Re Ramlila Maidan Incident: Case Analysis

By Mounica Kasturi, Symbiosis Law School, Pune “Editor’s Note: Fundamental Rights are the most integral part of any democratic Constitution. These rights have been enshrined in Part III of the Indian Constitution. Along with rights bestowed, citizens are expected to conform to certain duties, known as Fundamental Rights, imbibed in […]

Right to Bear Arms as a Constitutional Right: Comparitive Stand-point of the Law in the United States of America and India

By Ivana Chatterjee, Christ Law College ” Editor’s Note: Constitutionality of any law is important as it is closely related to the Fundamental Rights of people. One of the most sacred  fundamental rights is the Right to Life. Inherent in the Right to Life is the right to defend oneself because […]